Civil war scenario. And the general you choose to fight for

Trump is on the verge for getting sentenced to 400 years in prison.
He bunkers down in the Tennessee woods, and several governors have sworn militia protection. (National guard)
ATF FBI, and other federal police agencies announce they are going in full force to take trump in.

It doesn’t go well, so to counter the guard, DOJ starts to form an anti trump militia.
Antifa, BLM, lgbtq groups.
Trump says join him in fighting off the tyrants.

As the battle commences. Several generals on the trump side form several militias.
Who would you fight for?
Im not sure of the players. But I’d say
General Flynn
General Bannon

Erik Dean Prince

(Add some names)

Would you call on a foreign alliance with Wagner group?
You could sneak them in though Mexico.

Opposition generals would be Jim Mattis

General, Lloyd Austin
General Miley.
Foreign alliances would be Canada and Mexico

Did I just predict what’s going to happen???