Civil War April 12, 1861

Today the first serious shot fired and started the bloodiest conflict in American History. The South scored some great victories but really did not have a chance with the industrial north.

Newt Gingrich reimagining of Pickett’s charge and Longstreets strategic recommendation to Lee at Gettyburg sheds light on how close we are to being two coexisting nations.

The end of the Civil War brought in persistent overreach by an ever expanding federal government. It officially ended the original concept of the founders for limited government.

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If you Google the Redneck Manifesto, you would be surprised that Abe L. made some talk that in order to preserve the union, he was opened minded about slavery. I doubled check this statement and it is true.

Actually they did have a chance, they just made some fatal errors along the way. “Picketts Charge” being one of them.

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