Civil Unrest Thread!

This is not a US phenomenon but a World wide one! Whether it is due to the COVID hoax, rigged elections or listening reading posts by TDS suffering people named Monte, DaJerkoff on this site, Its all the same. The spirit of protest and anger is a valid one when all things considered.

Happy Hunting!

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hey dr, manHOLE what kind a founding member are you huh Oh I see you found your black members
to gobble down huh…

Hey did you hear donnie lost you everything…EVERYTHING GOT IT…

It’s real funny how you fools have shut down talking about donnie trumputin the con man murderer russian agent…in a month no one will even say his name…you’ll find a way to discredit him hahahahaha

republicans lost everything you’re a gaggle of losers…go back to bed huh…that’s all you know to do…NOTHING LOSERS!!!

@Patriot @Tyfoon @KVN