CIA left explosive material on Loudoun County, VA school bus after training exercise

Ask yourself why they are using a photo of a burning bus that has absolutely nothing to do with this incident.

Leave it to the fed’s to screw up whatever they touch, it’s what they are best at.

The supervisors who failed to account for the missing block of C-4 need to be demoted and sent back for remedial training.

Nothing like having professionals in charge. Same with firearms. Ya gotta be a professional to handle them safely. Example: When I was 5 or 6; and my father began teaching me how to handle firearms; I remember him telling me, don’t point a firearm at your foot or any other area of your body… He only had to tell me once. This video is a hoot. Now kids, pay attention; this is the proper way to limp after you shoot yourself in the foot. It would have been safer to let a monkey play with a hand grenade in a schoolyard full of children, than to allow this idiot on stage. But at least he was a professional.

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That original article is from 2016. Have any school buses been mysteriously destroyed by high explosives since then?