Chuck Schumer Upset That He Has Listen To Trump Give State Of The Union Address Tomorrow

Chuck Schumer is the biggest piece of walking and talking human excrement that I have ever seen. He’s been around for decades and has never done anything useful for this country. I wonder how much money this ■■■■■■ has stolen from the tax payers over his many decades of “service” to the public.


I’m getting really sick and tired of Schumer’s temper tantrums, especially when he does the same things that he accuses Trump of doing. Schumer needs to leave, but I worry that he’ll be replaced by someone even further to the left, unwilling to see reason.


Fighting for our values?

What values does he want to impose onto society?

Fighting for American workers? When you’re undermining the very fabric of capitalism that created the middle class n first place.

What a Schmuck…


I’m upset that I’m constantly being exposed to seeing Chuck Schumer’s face.

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Me too. He looks exactly like what I was afraid was hiding under my bed when I was a little kid.

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Pre-damage control. Because they know Trump is going to hammer them.

The old saying, “the truth has a way of making itself known” is coming home to roost for Chuckie.

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You’re too kind! Chuck Schumer is a piece of SHIT! He has done nothing in the Senate since Trump got elected other than oppose everything Trump tries to do for the good of this country.

He uses his time at the micro[hone in the Senate to regurgitate his views for the Congressional Record and the MSM which gladly broadcasts it repeatedly to the American TV audience.

Neither Schumer nor Pelosi has presented any proposal to secure the border…because Democrats do not want a secure border. They want open borders and mass immigration, legal or not, in order to propose to the immigrants that the Democrats offer more to them than do the Republicans.

All the Democrats want is their votes…in exchange for trinkets…and promises of free health care, free education, a quick path to citizenship (regardless of how they got here) and of course, no fear of deportation.

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They were for it before they were against it. :smirk:

It is pretty obvious the only thing have going for them is hatred for Trump. They are pandering to the extremists who would suck up a nuclear blast to half of the country if it meant Trump was killed with it.

You’d think they’d realize Americans voted for Trump as a last hope to secure the border. How arrogant and narrow minded do you have to be to think that because a few hundred thousand voted you into office you get to overrule what elected the current president to office.


The Dems were for it when they thought the GOP was on the ropes and they could gain control anyway. Now they’re against it because the last two elections did not go sufficiently their way.

They hate middle America, White male America, and they make no pretense otherwise.

They seem to think that if they keep President Trump from accomplishing his promise to build the “wall” and have Mexico pay for it, they will be able to beat him in 2020.

I think they are cutting their own throats. They are creating votes for non-Democrats.

To be in favor of a wall just a few years earlier and against a wall after Nov 2016 just doesn’t make sense unless you throw in the Trump-hatred factor. That being the only reason they are now against the border security offered by (according to the people that know—Border Security personnel) new wall sections and upgrades to existing, I think they are in for a big, disheartening surprise come November, 2020.

To want President Trump to fail is to want the nation to fail.

The Democrat Party is demented!

Your entire statement should be expressed in spoken word and put on Youtube!

Totally agree! Schummer is the proverbial COCKSUCKER!

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poor little chucky schumer,

Maybe he can go down to Wall street and have a frappuccino with soy milk with his hedge fund donors , because he needs to explain to them why he is siding with Bernie about limiting stock buy backs for corporation

Chucky has more pressing issues to deal with

CHUCK - Spineless TURD !!!