Christmas is Cancelled! Jake Tapper and Anthony Fauci Say We Can't Have Christmas this Year

That bullshit artist Anthony Fauci needs to be fired and put in prison. What gives that skinny little pussy the right to tell me or my family what we can or can’t do on Christmas. Jake Tapper, resident little bitch boy at CNN kept rephrasing and parroting the words of that twerp Fauci.

I’ll tell you another thing. I’m not taking a damn vaccine either.

The American people are done listening to this psychopath.

Are they? There’s a lot of sheep out there. I see them everyday driving alone in their cars with their masks on. They will go along with anything. I hope people’s eyes will be opened but if they aren’t by now…

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Let’s admit the vaccine won’t work. I am not going to continue distancing or wearing a mask. And I am not taking a vaccine with a 90% chance of working for a virus with a 99% chance of recovery. All this is about is spreading more fear even after a "solution " has been fabricated. This will keep up indefinitely unless we say no. This is and has never been about a pandemic. This is about control. And his statements prove it. If this were about a virus they would reassure us everything will be alright and there will be an end. Instead, they continue to move the goalpost. So we the people need to end this NOW!

Fauci is getting kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates.

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He simply does not have any such right–although I am guessing that he thinks that he does.

Liberals think that they are much wiser than the rest of us; so it is their right–even their responsibility–to lecture the rest of us as to what we may or may not do (much as a parent would lecture a five-year old child).

They can shove their vaccine up their ass and they can shove their mandates up their ass. I’m done and we already have 32 scheduled to come for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be the same. If we all get Covid and die, that’s on us.

No kidding. I was riding my bike a few weeks ago and got wrapped up into a bunch of kids being picked up at the school on a public street. I got toward the point of where the teachers were out there trying to direct traffic and I was coming the opposite way from where the cars were going. This woman said “Sir, for the safety of yourself and riders”… I interrupted, and said “Let me worry about my safety”… she said “SIR, I NEED YOU TO STOP”… I said “I don’t need a lecture from one of my employees.” She said “Ok, I’ll just call the police”. I said “You go ahead and do that and be sure to tell them a guy was riding his bike on public property and told you to go pound sand because you have ZERO authority to tell me a DAMN THING”… my wife was giggling her ass off.