Christchurch Damage Control Debunking and Analysis

There is a very obvious disinfo push being made right now to declare that the Christchurch shooting was a false flag event, or even a hoax.

ITT we catalog their attempt to do this. We will analyze each claim that is being made that they say proves it is a false flag or a hoax, and we will make a list of all of the people who are shilling this angle. This event is blatantly revealing who’s controlled opposition and who’s not, as it’s obvious many online personalities have received marching orders from the top down to paint Brenton Tarrant as some kind of government spook to discredit him in the eyes of non-liberals.

When listing a personality or organization that is shilling this angle, put their name and then list the exact claims they are making (e.g. “windshield didn’t shatter”, “no blood/fake blood packets”, “shell casings disappearing into thin air”, “magazine was already in the mosque”, “multiple shooters”, “Zionist/CIA/government operative” etc.). Link to where they have made the claims and try to provide an archive of it as well.

This list of shills we will compile will be very revealing.

One of the disinfo claims that is circulating widely is that there was a magazine on the floor of the mosque before Tarrant entered the building. This is false, see attached image that proves that Tarrant dropped the magazine after firing off some rounds right after entering the building.

Some people who are currently pushing the false flag narrative:

  • Adam Green

  • Alex Jones

  • Faith Goldy

Adam Green

Claim: That Tarrant was a Zionist agent.

This video is circulating widely, and people are repeating this disinfo all across the web. The video is a farce, and contains no valid evidence for the claims being made. The argument is that Tarrant is a Zionist agent because he once visited Israel for 9 days as part of his world traveling tour, and then Green digs up some random articles about Israel and Mossad that are (mostly vaguely) connected to New Zealand or Christchurch. He claims that this proves Tarrant has “Zio-Connections”.

Faith Goldy

Claim: Insinuates that Tarrant had outside funding to travel the world, with the implication possibly being that he was receiving special training by government groups (this is a claim that is circulating widely).


It’s also worth noting that Faith Goldy also heavily implied that the mosque shooting in Quebec by Alexandre Bissonnette was a false flag or a hoax.

Alex Jones

Jones states that it was without question a false flag attack.


  • False flag because of the weapons Tarrant possessed apparently being difficult to obtain in New Zealand

  • False flag because Tarrant wants acceleration

Jones also published an article on InfoWars about Rush Limbaugh declaring that Tarrant was a “leftist” who staged a false flag to “frame convervatives”:

Anyone have any insight into the claim that the types of guns Tarrant had were difficult or impossible to obtain in New Zealand?

Jones says that wanting to cause a civil war is “the definition of a false flag”, which is obviously nonsense.

Alex Jones & Will Johnson + Random callers (probably actors)

Jones interviews a guy named Will Johnson to push a slew of disinfo:


  • False flag attack done to roll out gun control due to speed at which new legislation was presented.

  • That the odal rune and 14 on Tarrant’s gun mean the same thing as John Podesta’s 14 and fish image drawn on the palms of his hands (see screenshot).

  • Multiple gunmen.

  • Manifesto proves it’s a false flag.

  • Shooting video is being censored because it’s “not good enough and if it’s analyzed for anomalies it will be proven it’s a false flag”.

  • Tarrant is secretly a muslim

  • Tarrant is a leftist

  • Tarrant’s ability to “freely travel through countries” proves he’s an intelligence operative

The gun control claim is a non-argument, since our governments are always ready to roll out gun control at a moment’s notice.

The odal rune / 14 and Podesta thing is being shilled heavily by the Q larp disinfo outlets and is being spread by boomers, so Jones showing that photo at the beginning of the video was just put there to discredit the entire thing in the minds of paranoid Q boomers.

There is no valid evidence of there having been multiple gunmen.

The argument about the video being censored because it’s not good enough and people will be able to prove the shooting is fake is dumb as fuck.

Jones claims that Tarrant may have secretly been a muslim who was trying to stir up sympathy for muslims, with his argument being that Tarrant visited Pakistan, Serbia, and “muslim areas”. This is retarded.

Jones also says that Tarrant has a “leftist background” and that therefore the attack must have been done to push forward a leftist agenda. No evidence is offered for this claim.

The fact that Tarrant “freely traveled” through various countries is not proof he’s an intelligence operative.


Things that are legit about the shooting:

  • The Video

  • 90% of the Manifesto

  • How Branton is handling the trial so far.

  • His Mastery of Meme’s

  • His Understanding of History and Trolling the Media / Gov

Things that are suspect:

  • His travel History (To Israel and Pakistan)

  • His money supply (Bit Connect)

  • His Praise for China (might be a troll)

  • His Choice of Target (this is 50/50)

  • Israel Bombing Gaza the Same Day

  • His Country he Chose (Why not his home country, where guns are already banned)

On the one hand he played into the media and governments agenda, on the other hand HE PLAYED INTO THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT WHILE TROLLING THEM.

His education is suspect, because other than a couple of spelling mistakes the manifesto was really well written, which you would think someone like that might not have been able to pull off. Maybe his years of shitposting increased his language skills. Sometimes smart people are just not interested in school, does not mean they are low IQ.

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The people pushing these conspiracy theories need to quit sniffing glue, stop listening to/watching Alex Jones or both.