'Christ Died Also for You, Traitorous Jews': Poles Attack U.S. Ambassador for Passover Wishes

The US ambassador to Poland on Friday wished ■■■■ a happy Passover in Polish, and the reaction has been a wave of angry comments on Twitter.

Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher also wished Poles a happy Easter on Sunday. But by then, she was accused of offending the country with her Passover tweet and reminded that she is serving in a mostly Roman Catholic country.

Krystyna Pawlowicz, a lawmaker with Poland’s ruling right-wing party, called it a “provocation.”

Robert Bakiewicz, a far-right activist who organizes a yearly Independence Day march that government leaders joined last year, said “Christ died and was resurrected also for you, pagans and traitorous ■■■■■■■■■■ came to Mosbacher’s defense, recalling that Poland also has a small ■■■■■■ population. Poland was home to Europe’s largest ■■■■■■ population before the Holocaust…

The US Ambassador in Saudi Arabia doesn’t wish ■■■■ a Happy Passover or Christians a Happy Easter. If they did, would anyone be surprised that such a message would piss off the locals?

This is why serious professionals should only be named as ambassadors. This woman is nothing but a washed up NYC socialite who raised money for the GOP. She’s been screwing up by the numbers since she arrived.

Oh. My. God. Who. The. Hell. Cares?

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Here’s what the kids of Poland were doing over Easter.

Getting ■■■ haters to come out and show themselves for what they are by pissing them off is always worthwhile.

Passover is every bit as much a Christian Tradition as it is a ■■■■■■ Tradition so why any religious Catholic would be offended by her statement is beyond me.

Christ was a ■■■ and celebrated Passover.

Poland has quite a large contingent of anti-semites, it’s recent slide to the far right has been raising alarms for a while now given their strategic importance.



Poland isn’t sliding to the right it’s still socialist. The JiS is populist but that doesn’t come close to "sliding to the right.

"The leadership of PiS is in fact deeply marked by the political culture of the communist era. The late-night shenanigans surrounding the nomination of new judgesto the Constitutional Tribunal and the determination to muzzle the media are pure Soviet-style politics. In a throwback to the old days, the ministry of culture will decide which plays are staged by Kraków’s prestigious Stary Theater.

Law and Justice’s conservatism is essentially provincialism, their politics populist.

The PiS core are not natural capitalists: They are hostile to free-market economics, regard businessmen as “speculators” and believe in government control of everything, including property rights. Their fiscal policy is anything but right-wing. They have promised to crack down on banks, lower the retirement age and give massive monthly cash handouts to parents for each child."

Is Poland a failing democracy?

To people like Mole anyone to the right of the far left is “far right”.

Consider your audience.

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