Chinese National Charged After Sneaking Into Mar-A-Lago With Malicious Software

They are really getting bolder and bolder.

Secret Service agents arrested a woman with two Chinese passports after she reportedly lied to agents and gained access to Mar-a-Lago with malicious software.

Yujing Zhang, 32, arrived at a Secret Service checkpoint Saturday afternoon outside of the president’s club in Palm Beach, Florida, while President Donald Trump was present.

She told agents she was a member of the club and coming to use the pool, The Associated Press reported. Zhang reportedly successfully gained entry to the club after showing the passports to an agent, according to court documents.

The manager of the club reportedly thought Zhang was the daughter of a member of the club and granted her entry. Secret Service reportedly asked her if she was related to the family the manager was speaking of, but that they could not understand her English.

When she entered, Zhang told Secret Service she was there for a United Nations Chinese American Association event that did not exist. After she showed agents an invitation written in Chinese, agents told her she had to leave, because the event she was speaking of was not taking place. (RELATED: Man Arrested For Sending White Powder To Trump Jr.’s Apartment)

After she began to argue, agents took her into a room for questioning, where agents realized she could speak English. Later, four cellphones, a laptop, an external hard drive and a thumb drive with computer malware were discovered.

Federal prosecutors charged Zhang with making false statements to federal agents and illegally entering a restricted area.

This story sounds fishy to me!

She was detained because she became “verbally aggressive”……no professional “agent” is gonna lie to two different agents and get herself arrested by becoming verbally aggressive. Any agent worth a pinch of salt is gonna get out while they can and call the operation a flop. They’re not gonna compromise their safety let alone their cover by arguing with Secret Service agents.

Serious questions need to be asked of the first level agent who allowed her to get anywhere near the second agent.

Sounds like a bunch of damn amateurs, but I would suspect that she is working for someone like McConnell, Feinstein, Obozo or a deep state operative in order to provide some kind of message for the Chinese to derail trade talks. Or the second theory is that she was working for a media company and was fishing for a story on how she was able to walk around Maralargo so easily. The report states she was holding 2 PRC passports, so it will be interesting to see if more will be revealed about this individual in the coming days. She isn’t even being charged with espionage which should sound strange in the first place!


The Chinese isnt known for their finesse: look at all these Huawei scandals!

True, and I certainly would be the first to agree with you, however I think it is a big mistake to underestimate an adversary such as China. If you take a look at what they have been doing in South America and in other places they are clearly playing the long game. Our Achilles heel is our own in house problems that is weakening us from a united front to address certain threats.

You meant Africa? But yes, they are probably screwing with S. America too. Im not underestimating them at all, and thats why I post this article, even tho to some its no bigge. China’s usually play with everything seems to be this: overwhelming their opponent with the shear volume/number of tries/efforts/cheap goods.

This one is caught, but what about the other 5 that have gone undetected? And lets not forget about their moves in cyberspace: Killary and her emails were compromised by the Russians and Chinese.

No I meant South America. Places like Venezuela, Panama, and other places they have been taking over certain industries in order to get a foothold in order to be on the door step to America. Their long term is to solve the logistics of invading America through economic aggression. The cheap goods you are referring to goes without saying, as there are also a litany of other things such as fetanyl that has been flooding through the southern border and is having dire consequences on our population right now, not to mention the migration crisis currently happening.

It is estimated there are at least 25,000 Chinese and Russian spies currently operating within the continental USA so 5 is just scratching the surface.

Yes Hillary’s e-mails was already confirmed that they were hacked by the Chinese. Both her and Obama have been selling state secrets to the CHICOMS and TREASON is a foot here! There is no way around the fact that Treason has definitely been committed!

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A Chinese nationalist was recently caught wading the river on our southern border during a journalists video while accompanying BP agents on duty at night. They just drop some yin on the drug cartels for escorts to our border.

Here’s a video describing another incident of Chinese illegal entry…by boat.

I wonder if that’s how this bitch got in.