Chinese Currency is Tanking

A perfect storm is brewing just as we were witnessing the British pound reaching parity with the American Dollar, and the YEN which is often regarded as a safe haven currency is also showing signs of collapse. This latest development from China is rather startling and suggests what was earlier reported by leading Economists forecasting for the 4th quarter of 2022 and the 1st half of 2023 things are going to get much worse if Europe’'s economy collapses, which will indeed suck the rest of the world with it including China.

Now with China showing chinks in their armor, is the last line of defense for many investors in the west, and if China tanks they too are fked, which means no one is going to escape the incoming wrath of famine and the dystopian forecast for a uncertain future with war raging in the back ground setting the stage for the “Great Reset” that many have been warning about.

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All this dem spending is mounting up to total collapse of the American economy . And perhaps WW111 !!!

This the economic mess by the democrats

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