China's GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

China’s GTV loaded video of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sex with an unknown person.

That unknown person looks like a very small Chinese girl who is giving Hunter Biden a foot job and blow job while he is smoking crack. 100 percent underage.


Looks like China has given up trying to beat Trump and is switching sides.

They see the writing on the wall for Biden.

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The Chinese are furious about Hunter’s behavior.

I suppose CCP has given up on the US Dems.

The Chinese aren’t furious. They probably were the ones that set all of this up as a way to blackmail the Biden’s to get them to do what they wanted. Oldest espionage trick in the book.


Bingo! You hit mark with that explanation. :+1:


I don’t know. The (Taiwanese) Chinese text sounds pretty angry.
This is its Google translation:

-----Exclusive! A large number of pornographic images of Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, have been exposed!

We can see in the video that Hunter Biden’s behavior is very abnormal, including having sex while taking drugs and taking photos, and many other unacceptable images.

(You declare that you have reached the age of 18 or have reached the age of adult in the jurisdiction where you access the content of this video, and are fully capable and qualified to sign the terms, conditions, obligations, declarations, representations and guarantees stipulated in these terms of service , And abide by and fulfill the terms of service. If you are under 18 or the legal age of majority, please do not watch any content in this video)

Thanks to Mr. Jiang Zhicheng, Mr. Wu Zheng, and Mr. Li from the security forces for providing photos!

We apologize if this photo caused you serious discomfort!
The people of the New China Federation released this picture to the public just to help justice! The friends of the Communist Party are our enemies

We will never agree to anyone stealing Chinese money,
We will never agree to anyone enslaving the Chinese,
We will never agree to anyone playing with Chinese children!

This is one of the important contents of the Communist Party’s Blue Golden Plan. Use all Western politicians, celebrities and their families who have come to China to be greedy and wealthy, to control giving them women, drugs, recording videos or threatening them to sell their country, people, and even the security of these countries to cooperate with the Communist Party to rule the world . American presidential candidate Joe Biden is 100% absolutely controlled by the Communist Party. One of the most successful American politicians in the blue and golden color. He is also one of the important 3F plans of the Communist Party to weaken, mess up and kill the United States!

This is after the Chinese Communist Party threatened Hunter and Biden and bribed a large amount of wealth in the South China Sea and trade disputes between China and the United States, intellectual property rights, energy prices, and Biden provided the CCP with a large number of CIA intelligence personnel in China. One of the important reasons. The Chinese Communist Party uses this method to have such a blue-gold project in the United States and many European and Western countries. We will have millions of videos and photos of related people released.

The next picture will be released in one hour.


The fact that the Chinese are releasing this stuff on state media channels says it all. They have mountains of damning evidence and will be dripping things out on an hourly basis.

Hopefully they have some damaging info on Kamala too.

Of course the Dems will now be in a position to say that China is the one meddling in our election, not Russia.

Putin must be laughing his ass off right now :rofl:


The Left is simultaneously doing damage control and jerking off to the depraved images being leaked from Hunter’s laptop.


So…when are the FBI and CIA getting dismantled for being absolutely useless and expensive federal agencies?


That is a good question as they are part of the scandal!


They were probably covering all of this up when Biden was still VP. Exactly to your point…they are complicit.


Oh I know for a fact that they are complicit, the question is why? I suspect for the same reasons they are holding Michael Flynn hostage.

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The people who call you terrorists over wanting to protect your family are busy smoking crack and getting jerked off by child slaves right now.

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I think I have a theory as to why that is. I was having a hard time with this and asking why are the Chinese now helping Trump get re-elected? Now I think what makes sense is Trump is not a war monger, and thus can be counted on to try something else to focus on such as economics to address the issue of the cold war being waged between the two countries. The Democrats get into office, and they will probably start a war, something I am sure China doesn’t want, and wants to avoid. Of course this is just a theory but that is one angle.

Looking through all of the pics and videos on GTV there is a high degree of certainty that the underage blonde girl that Hunter Biden is fucking is none other than Claudina Buccini who is the best friend of Natalie Biden - Beau Biden’s daughter and the daughter of the skank who started fucking Hunter immediately after her husband died.




Yeah…this is going downhill for these sick fucks fast.

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There is a total media blackout on this. Nobody is covering the Hunter scandals. Certainly not liberal media as expected, but not even conservative media like Fox News and Breitbart are touching the story. If this were Eric Trump it would be wall-to-wall coverage.

Why are they burying this?

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There are over 25k pictures that this Chinese media outlet has on Hunter. Good start at detective work but if this turns out to be the same girl then this would in fact be CP.

Right now it’s impossible to make that determination, but the minute the identity is released all of these images will be very problematic for anyone sharing them. That’s probably by design.


Agreed. For now we are going to treat these images as part of a story that is being released on the family of a presidential candidate. Gateway Pundit has been sharing a lot of the stories but the images are on the Chinese site. Let me figure this one out.

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New drop incoming…Hunter Biden smoking crack while driving in Arlington, VA.