China Reneged In Trade Talks!

From personal experience of doing business with Chinese Nationals, they can’t be trusted to honor any agreements., so with this bit of news coming out, its no surprised that we (US and China) are at an impasse in our current trade negotiations. IMO, this is the best way forward for America’s interest, as I was very skeptical from the beginning that a trade deal can be possible, especially with a communist regime who has blatantly violated WTO rules, stolen our tech and continues to try to infiltrate our military installations in order to steal secrets. No only that but the Chinese has invested heavily in the lobbying efforts to undermine our political institutions. The Chinese are the ones who arer really interfering in our elections, but MSM doesn’t want to talk about it because most are in bed with the CHICOM’s including big Tech, so IMO let them feel the pain and make them pay for what they stole! This is happy news if Trump follows through on his threats to increase tariffs!

When Chuck Schummer is agreeing with Trump on the issue, then you know something is at play!

The China trade has transferred the US middle class to China and they will not give it up easily.

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Of course they will not give up, but they will end up paying for it!

Under Trump the trade deficit with China has hit an all time high. :man_facepalming: His tariffs aren’t working.

Prove it! His tariffs are working, what alternative universe are you living in? Making up shit again?

They were flooding the market before tariffs fully kicked in, now imports fell 3.7% for the first quarter.

I thought the trade talks are back on?

Exactly the market orders were are filled before the tariffs were in full effect. Then again such statements coming from people who don’t understand economics is not surprising, more hyperbolic bullshit!

Last year, our trade deficit with China hit $419 billion. That is the highest under any president. Nice spin. :man_shrugging:

Back it up! Cite a source that actually proves what you are saying is true! Throwing shit at a wall and hoping it will stick doesn’t make your argument anymore credible!

I said the first quarter, as in 2019.

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So you’re going to ignore the largest China trade deficit under Trump? Under Obama it never got past $346 billion. You need to wipe out $73 billion this year. That’s close to 20%. See where I’m going? :man_shrugging:

This is very basic stuff. Shouldn’t be that difficult to understand even for a bunch of conservatives :rofl:

Try following along with the discussion instead of posting empty replies.

Yeah whats that? You haven’t posted anything to back anything you say. Here try this on for size, and try if you will not to play the partisan troll game that you love to play here. I do this for a living, and your statement is revealing that you really don’t understand the bigger picture when it comes to how the trade deficit works or how its reporting is done over a calendar year, so your statement on face value is based ignorance, not to mention disingenuous .

I already explained this. Everyone was trying to dump their inventories before the tariffs kicked in, creating a short term increase. Now the declines are kicking in.

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Its what good little communists do, they don’t argue or debate, they just talk shit then run away when they realize they are out of their league on such issues!

And what do you propose?

Like how China is buying the US and it’s industries with the money we give them for their cheap junk?

I am not sure if it is still happening now, but back in the 1990’s and into early 2000s; there were numerous reports ofChina “abusing” their employees. Mostly in places such as sweat shops and low-income work enivroments. Even NIKE and a few other brand name companies were in the news.

This got America angry because of the way China was treating their people. And even pleaded previous Presidents to “do something about it”. First, I don’t think it is up to the U.S. President or any other world leaders to “do something” about the issue. That is up to the Chinese government.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t want anyone to work in these terrible and dirty enviroments. But since China has a reputation of “doing what it does best - Socialism”. That is up to China to change that. But they won’t. They thrive and swim in those “socialist” waters. And therefore, will continue to implement this practice.
After all…everything seems to be “Made in China” these days.

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