China is the Best Country on Earth

Lets deal with the problem of the present rather than the past.

I was responding to your comment about what “celebs” were saying in 2015-16………

That certainly is not a problem of the present……:roll_eyes:

China is a nuclear power now, for one, for two, and I’ve told you this repeatedly but it’s obvious you don’t care. The Pentagon has been sending an annual report to congress on the growing threat that the modernizing and expanding Chinese military poses to the US….

Perhaps you should have a look for once rather then relying on pundits like Sean Hannity, Wolf Blitzer, Tucker Carlson or Jake Tapper, none of whom seem to care about that either…

I’ll post the most recent one for you knowing you’re not likely to give it the time of day……

You’re the same guy that thinks Joe Biden won right?

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Nobody talks up countries with aggressive governments. But you talk down your own country….So what’s really the difference….:thinking:

Monte, how can you say I talk down this country after serving 21 yrs in the Army. I do critize the leader(s) of America when I agree or disagree.
You must like OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENTS like Communist China and Russia as you always take their side. Despite our faults this is the best country in the world and no other one has come as far as we have in our short existence.


You talked down America throughout the entire Obama administration and are doing the same throughout the Biden administration….and you shit talk the majority of Americans that voted for them. any foreigner listening to you would think America sucks…

Well that’s not true. Only in the matters of US statecraft and interference in the affairs of other countries do I criticize US policy……:wink:

What did Schmobama and Quid- Pro- Joe do in 8yrs but apologize and suck the D%$KS of the Arabs, Fast and Furious, Blackmail Zelensky to call the dogs off Hunter Biden. You think they should be on Mt. Rushmore rather than Trump.
Trump was far from perfect,but our economy was good, we were exporting oil and he met twice with Lil Kum, 2 more times than Schmobama , told NATO countries they needed to pay their share and other countries respected us. NOW other countries laugh at us to our face and tell us to GFOS.Never happened with President Trump.

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Communist China is the best country because it has few equals to committing atrocities against Muslims in the western part, spying on citizens worse than than the FBI,CIA and NSA,threatening an independent country with invasion that’was a part of it and building islands for self defense ( excuse) bit really to threaten shipping and local countries. I guess their intimidation nakes them the best.

Trump is a dick… always was. This country thrived under his Presidency. I thrived. I made bank and was able to save money while paying my bills and buying whatever I wanted… within reason. Now… not so much. I wonder what changed???

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And there you have it America hater….:man_shrugging:

And how many independent states did the US invade, and annex. It seems that it’s ok for the US, but not anyone else……

As far as threatening shipping, this is something you continually repeat. So I’ll repeat, what evidence do you have that China wishes to disrupt shipping….???

China is the world’s manufacturing hub, they fill stores across the world with their goods, disrupting shipping is self defeating, makes no sense whatsoever but because Obama started claiming it years ago, it must be gospel….

China has repeated that they have no interest in restricting commercial shipping in the SCS, now military ships are another matter….

Any economy looks good on borrowed money and unpaid for tax cuts. I’ll just remind you that the 19.8 trillion dollar national debt that candidate Trump made such a stink about, the balanced budgets that he promised because he was a business man and would balance them to the penny…….Yeah, the debt swelled to 27 TRILLION and he signed two of the biggest budget deficits in US history……:rage:

Yep, just like the US annexed the Polynesian islands for its own “self defense”….

And so did Obama……….