China and US trade

Not only did Trump’s stupid trade war with China get paid for by American consumers, but it cost us nearly a 1/4 million jobs. And worse, Biden is continuing the Trump trade war…:flushed:

Donald Trump’s tariffs are paid by American consumers — not China

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What a lame ass.

Try posting something of value.

We are fortunate that trumpitis which you have does’t spread unless your a brainless idiot.

Biden administration to press China

The moron can’t find his way to the bathroom in the WH and blames his dogs for fecal matter on the floor.

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Biden can’t find his way to the White House.
Nobody’s there.

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I know, this sucks. Trump too, passed away in august and the guy you now see at rally’s and such is an alien double….

We’re all phucked….

Anyway, China is the elephant in the room that most Americans ignore, and that includes both parties in the house and senate….

Did you have anything on the op? Clearly all anyone else could post was personal insults and 10th grade cartoons…

It’s not a subject people here can seem to talk about……

Just like the US, China is divided. I don’t mean Mainland vs Taiwan, but inside People’s Republic (so-called) which is Mainland China.

I understand there’s a power struggle going on within CCP, and traditional communists are losing power to Xi. When the Three Gorge Dam breaks, good-bye CCP.

During Trump Presidency, 200,000 Jobs Offshored and Corporations Involved Awarded $425 Billion in Federal Contracts !

Now tell us how many jobs Biden and his commie cartel add ? How many businesses did that moron close for good ? How much has your party cost America ? WTF

China is monitoring the 3GD….

But that’s irrelevant to the op as well….

Most of what you post isn’t relevant to this or any article

Well, if there is, we know how it ends…

Nothing will be different……

If we ever get the f a g g o t s out of the White House then trade relations between the US and China will normalize. Here is a graphic depiction:


That doesn’t seem to have an impact on the Pentagon’s annual warning to congress…

Pentagon Warns of Chinese Nuclear Development

WASHINGTON — China’s massive arms buildup has raised doubts about America’s ability to defend Taiwan if a war broke out, reflecting a shifting balance of power in the Pacific where American forces once dominated, U.S. officials and experts say.

In simulated combat in which China attempts to invade Taiwan, the results are sobering and the United States often loses

The outgoing head of the U.S. military’s Indo-Pacific Command, Adm. Philip Davidson, warned senators this month that the U.S. is losing its military edge over China, and that Beijing could decide to try to seize control of Taiwan by force by 2027.

U.S. intelligence analysts have warned for more than a decade that China’s military strength was progressing at a dramatic pace, and that America’s superiority was evaporating in the Pacific, Defense officials told NBC News. Only now has the message finally hit home, with simulated battles driving home the point.

“You bring in lieutenant colonels and commanders, and you subject them for three or four days to this war game. They get their asses kicked, and they have a visceral reaction to it,” Ochmanek said. “You can see the learning happen.”