China and The United States Cold War 2.0 🚨

This thread is pertaining to anything related to espionage, Military, and economic news and sanctions that involves China, the US and its allies in current discourse post CCP-Virus.

The first of Issues of course is our own leadership’s complicity in selling out Americans. Below is a stunning article that was published yesterday by CTH listing names such as Governors, Congress members who have taken lobbying or campaign contributions from the CCP and points to a larger problem how compromised we are as a country. The article below also connects the dots as to how the CCP-Virus is being used to force political compliance by such members in order to keep ordinary Americans chained up, the economy shackled and to distract the public from seeing what China is doing by trying to subvert our election process.

This is a good read and a stunning one at that! I highly recommend you read this in order to have a broader understanding in order to facilitate the discussion on this topic.


The above list is also disinformation and not entirely accurate, such as Cuomo and Newsome.

Here is a little more in depth just when some are

Here is a recent interview with Lou Dobbs and Mike Pompeo in addressing the China issue, especially the Nuclear proliferation topic is pretty alarming to say in the least. This topic alone is worthy of discussion, and the sad reality is that China presents an extreme threat to all of humanity regardless if you are anti-American or not, this is an issue that needs serious discussion that should take precedent over “Climate Change!”

Do you guys like how they basically just gave up talking about China because everyone wants a civil war now instead?

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Nobody gives a fuck about China, not while America is burning, their attempts I’m fairly certain are falling on deaf ears. Who even watches media anymore other than low-T, small-souled bugmen? No actual real person in this fake and gay country wants a war other than a civil one.

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The general population has slowly been conditioned to respond to emotional stimulus rather than intellectual analysis that involved critical and logical thinking. Just take a look at day time TV talk shows and frequency of the (mostly female) crowd to clap or awww at something that tugs at their heart strings. Cartoons dumb down the children, action movies for the men and emotional drama for the women. Anything to stop the masses from wising up to the prison slowly being built around them.


“They” as in MSM? I really don’t know because I don’t really watch it except what I view on YouTube. I have to admit however from recent media analysis that I conduct, the MSM is definitely playing their part because they are bought by China. If we had an honest media most of this shit wouldn’t be happening right now.

If you think China is the only problem with our media then you aren’t paying attention. Lots of people with precious metal last names have been subverting this country for decades.

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I am not doubting that as I am strictly talking about media in my last reference. There are many facets to China vs. US dynamic, but propaganda is one tool that they use and are very good at which is why they are using it to divide and distract the country right now by buying certain players in it. It’s a Long list.

More to your point, a nation can survive its fools but not treason from within.

If I had to place a bet on the next war between great powers, it’s going to be between India and China. Neither government has any interest to back down in the latest border clash. Don’t think it’s likely, but certainly not unthinkable.

I think you have a point there, but don’t forget Kashmir and their conflict with Pakistan as they are aligning with China due to being bought off by them. I can see it escalating if Pakistan is provoked leading to a wider more dangerous conflict. Remember also Pakistan has nukes so this could potentially set things off.

Another good move, and more moves like this needs to happen. Including shutting all their embassies down except for Washington. They don’t need all of them. Also, I would really would like to shut the Chinese Embassy in SF just to piss off Diane Feinstein.

China is def interfering in US elections, and not a peep from the ones who have been going on about Russia, Russia, Russia!

China, Russia Have ‘Weaponized Space’: Defense Secretary