Chilean "tourists" exploiting US visa waivers to commit burglaries in Southern California

A FOX 11 investigation is exposing gangs of Chilean nationals who have been utilizing visa waivers to come to the United States for the sole purpose of burglarizing homes, businesses, and vehicles, and Southern California has become a top target for the criminals.

In Latin America, all the homes of the wealthy middle class have bars over their windows, high gates, security.

Guess they think if they travel to America it will be “easy pickings”.

I guess the easiest solution to this problem would be to end the Visa waiver program with Chile. It’s not like it’s mutually beneficial anyway. I don’t know anyone, including liberals, who are lining up to go vacation in Chile.

We have been letting third world scum into this country for decades. Are we suddenly all expecting them to behave differently? They have attained critical mass and are becoming the majority, which means they get to take what was built by a civilization far greater than them and drive straight into the ground.

Time to deport all of them and stop anymore from coming in. Act like an animal. Get treated like one.

No one ever takes my advice. PUBLIC CRUCIFIXION A great catch all for serious crime. Watch the crime rate plummet.