Chicago - We don't need any stinking cops in our schools

Chicago school board votes to remove uniformed police officers from schools

The Chicago Board of Education voted on Thursday to end its contract with Chicago police and remove uniformed officers from the city’s schools.

The vote came at the end of a nearly eight-hour school board meeting in which teachers, students and elected city officials spoke.

The battle on whether to keep the uniformed police officers in the 39 city schools where they continue to patrol, out of 634 schools, has been going on since police were assigned to protect the schools in 1991.

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In Chicago, according to data released in 2020, 408 students were arrested in school, and 73% of alleged offenses were committed by black students. Enrollment data also showed black students made up 36% of students in the district.

The calls to get rid of SROs started after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent nationwide riots, at which time then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot cut the school district’s contract with the Chicago Police Department in half rather than get rid of it entirely.

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The Chicago Teachers Union, (CTU) advocated for police officers to be removed from schools in 2020, amid the George Floyd protests. [Getting rid of school choice and police in schools is about politics, not what’s best for kids and families.

Fk em’… take all the cops out and let them deal with st on their own. When they call police for help, just laugh and hang up.

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I’m sure they will cry racism when a active shooter enters their school .

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Chicago is getting what it deserves for voting for dumb racists f*cks Mayors such as Johnson!




That is dark but seems about right given where we are at and where we are going as a country.

Hell in a hand basket?


Thr 911 calls from the schools should be blocked. Let the school principals and superintendents deal with the ANARCHY ny themselves.
Its always called racism when any action is tsken against minority students.

And the dummycrats give them huge awards even when minorities are 100% WRONG .

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Pittsburgh in 5 hours!

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The reason dummycrats want police removed from schools is they want to see some nut shoot up another school and go after ALL guns . And blacks are ok with this dumbshit because they always sue and always get millions .

Part of the reason is to usher in a cashless society! If there are no more stores to buy from then what? This is part of their strategy.

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Back to farming and living off the land . We would have far less illegals looking for a government handout .