Chicago Gang Leader Charged with Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS

How many traitors are living amongst us one has to wonder? I won’t mention the level of stupidity to be caught in a sting like this, but the story is telling for another reason; that there is a number of people that would actually aid the enemy to harm the country they live in. To leftists that is a given, but to others who have no allegiance is another matter!

I’m sure he’ll get a stern warning.


Jason Brown, also known as “Abdul Ja’Me,” allegedly provided $500 in cash to an individual on three separate occasions this year, with the understanding that the money would be wired to an ISIS soldier engaged in active combat in Syria, according to a criminal complaint and affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago.

Sounds like he was one of those prison converts. If you ever had any interaction with those types you’d know they are incredibly aggressive about their love of mufukin Allah. $1500 in exchange for federal terror charges. Sounds like a good deal.

Now the DOJ needs to start looking at mosques and their attendees…because they’re all doing the same thing.

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Yep! They are recruiting and this much is a fact where in England they have been doing this sort of thing for quite some time and now they are doing it here!

I wonder why the Obama administration decided to flood this country with Muslims :thinking:

Could it have been so all of the jailhouse converts and radical jihadis could align forces?

Why are you focused on the Obama administration in terms of people immigrating to this country who practice Islam?

If you recall it was President George W. Bush who started two wars in the Middle East. One of those wars was certainly justified and the other was not. In both cases those wars resulted in severe population disruptions, and starting with the Bush administration, the US compassionately took in war refugees. President Obama continued the humanitarian tradition of the United States. It seems that President Trump wants to break with those traditions and encourage Islamophobia to take root in the United States. It’s why we are losing respect around the world on a daily basis.

I wonder how many countries outside of the US you lived in to be able to form that perspective?

How is that relevant to the immigration of Muslims to the United States as a result of the wars that George W. Bush started?

You seem to be confused. Is everything okay?

So our own prison system is creating a far bigger problem than it’s meant to address…:roll_eyes:

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No not confused, but if you choose to pivot and not answer a direct question that only confirms to me who you are! I simply will not waste my time engaging with you!

That’s fine, you can run away from a direct argument. I challenged you on the relevancy of your question to the topic of discussion at hand. Since you appear to be grasping at straws I will welcome receiving less distracting responses from you. Tootles!

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I am not going to engage with someone who can’t answer a direct question! It’s quite simple! Obviously you are being obtuse on that point!

When you can explain to me how the number of countries outside the United States that I have lived in is relevant to the immigration of Muslims to the United States then I will gladly answer your question, until then you are throwing nothing but low quality bait out there and I’m not going to take it.

That is not how it works! You don’t get to answer a question with another question! If you can’t answer a simple question then I won’t waste my time and spare me your hegemonic retort of winning arguments, if you fail at basic communication then ultimately it’s on you!

Again, you blew right by my post and didn’t answer the question that I posed. Maybe that was the right thing to do since my comment wasn’t directed at you anyway. You didn’t like what I wrote so you decided to delve into the deep end of logical fallacies by trying to force me to provide you with the list of countries that I’ve lived outside of the United States, which has nothing to do with the discussion. I’m sure there are rules against persistently engaging in logical fallacies here so you might want to rethink your approach.

Yeah good pivot! You made a statement on how the rest of world views the US and I simply asked you if your opinion is based on personal experience living outside the US to form that view and you completely avoided answering the question by making false accusations and providing more nonsensical word salads to justify you being purposely obtuse! I am pretty sure I am responding correctly and within the rules! You are no moderator nor a moral arbiter of this site so get over yourself!