Chelsea Handler Blames Trump

for her being a total liberal whack job.

Hey Chelsea, put on your big girl panties and quit blaming other people for your shortcomings.

1:56 in the video … you can see his hand and ring finger longer than index finger.

Chelsea is a man!

EVERY MAN, every single one, has ring finger longer than index finger.

EVERY WOMAN, every single one, doesn’t.

It be a man! Whore Moans … Hor Mones …

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Nice detective work there @CheekyScrublord this thread probably would have done better if OP hadn’t been so lazy and posted the damn video that the OP was about. Instead he wanted people to give Glenn Beck clicks and watch a YouTube video on the DumpsterBlaze. No thanks - but thanks to you for posting the vid.

Woah - thanks for pointing that out. I feel weird now because when she was younger I think I definitely admired her rack on more than one occasion.

Regardless of my fap crisis, Handler was batshit insane in the first place.

If Trump had not been elected – God forbid – Chelsea Handler would have certainly and quietly taken her own life by now…and we all would have forgotten who she was.

So Trump saved her life! :rofl:

Who gives a shit what that latrine tramp says or does? Just get someone to piss on her and she’ll be right as yellow rain.

Anytime I find myself in agreement with Mahr it worries the hell out of me.

Michael Obama


" Scientists have long noticed that men’s ring fingers are generally longer than their index fingers . With women, it tends to be the reverse: their index fingers are usually longer. They’ve called this difference in length between the index finger and ring finger the “2D:4D ratio.”
Jul 25, 2016

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Just goes to show that I don’t watch media anymore, I have no idea who this moron is! LOL!