Check out how simple… Hacking voting machines used in 18 states…

“At defcon - learning how easy it is to gain access voting machines used in 18 states. Requires no tools and only takes 2 minutes. I’m concerned about our upcoming elections!”

And we spend all our time worrying about the Russians posing shit on social media that might effect an election… . Hmm.

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You hit on an excellent point! Everything is designed as a distraction from the crimes being committed!

We know that election after election in many democratic districts we routinely record many more votes than they have registered voters and there’s never any real explanation.

This could certainly be one.

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Hand marked paper ballots are easily verifiable especially for recounting. It’s low tech but solid…


There is also never any investigation. Charges rarely ever get filed even though we know voter fraud is rampant.

That’s because it’s so hard to catch and the fact that those responsible for catching it are usually the people in charge who are either doing it or allowing it to be done.

The further we get from paper ballots the easier it is to hide the fraud.