Chechen troops in action in Ukraine

First, they are Muslims.
Second, they are citizens of the Russian Federation.
Third, they have descended from ancient Scythians. (Maybe)

They learn Russian in schools in Republic Chechnya

So what’s the point?

Let NATO and Europe handle Russia .

I agree, but they can’t and won’t because Russia holds all the cards, especially when it comes to energy!

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The point is, demonization of Muslims by Joo media must be stopped.

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Realistically if the government’s are being run correctly the Anglo sphere with all of Western Europe all of Southern and northern Europe and most of Eastern Europe you should all be politically aligned obviously competent each other in some areas which is completely natural in a capitalist society but when dealing with threats like Russia North Korea Iran and obviously China you should be working together with long-term strategies that avoid physical conflict but maintain America’s position globally maintaining the military strength and economic strength and cultural strength instead of governments are busy worrying about equal amounts of penises and vaginas in parliament and other such nonsense we are being run by fucking clowns

I believe you Japanese which in an abrahamic sense makes you a pagan personally I do not have a problem with this and believe you should be allowed to make your own choices I inherited this opinion due to being from a Christian society however Muslim society which operates under Sharia law or at least is always heavily influenced by Sharia law they would put you in the bracket of convert or die you’re defending the wrong people they would literally reap the females in your family and murder you and feel completely justified in doing so because it is morally and legally ethical under Sharia law which labour leave has given to them by God

I recently fell down the rabbit hole of the 1752 Lahore massacre of the Sikhs read what they done to their women pacifically the 300 infants which were beheaded had their intestines pulled out and then had their intestines and heads wrapped around their mothers necks to encourage the Sikh pagans to convert to Islam when they did not feel killed this is similar to a Muhammad track down a ■■■■■■ tribe that was running from him tortured all of the men for their gold then beheaded them then raped and enslaved their wives and daughters

I am not defending ■■■■■■ people I am not defending Israel nor am I criticizing them however I believe you need to read and research the Quran and hadiths you were defending the wrong people

If you think the Qur’an is bad, read the Old Testament.

The Book of Esther, for example, is the source of the Jooish festival of Purim — which is now — when Joos celebrate the bloody massacre of innocent Persian women and children.

By the way, Esther sounds like Ishtar and Mordecai sounds like Marduk, two Babylonian gods.

That is probably true, due to the fact throughout Judges, Kings and Chronicles it is the Jooos that are constantly defying “God” for other Gods, to which led to some very bad and corrupt rulers during those periods. So bad that eventually Daniel is taken captive when God finally granted King Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, Jerusalem after laying siege to it. The Joos would be held captive for many years after that!

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These are Syrians who want to support Russia in the Ukraine “war”.

Nonetheless, Russia is not likely to put them in Ukraine (unlike the Kiev junta which uses foreign — read American, Canadian, British, etc — mercenaries extensively.)

Bottom line. Russia is not alone.

As the Chechen troops explain to Ukrainian residents that they are not fighting Ukraine; they want to flush out the Nazis and other criminals.

Right, got it……………….

Well, they spent a lot of time in Babylonian captivity, stands to reason they might loose some of their own and pick up some pagan ways and gods……:joy:

We had Blackwater in Iraq, recall……
These types do your dirty work (think Azov Battalion) and give the government’s plausible deniability……

Btw, why is ■■■■ and ■■■■■■ the only words censored at this cite……:thinking:

There are two editions of the Talmud.
The Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud, which is more extensive.

The Talmud is the written form of the oral teachings of the Pharisee elders, condemned by Jesus.

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A perfect summary of the current US braindead Biden administration !!! :rofl:

Have you tried to criticize the current administrations COVID policy ? DemoRATS are all about total CONTROL !!!

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Chechen troops take down the final Azov resistance in Mariupol.
What amazes me is how they can remain that calm in the line of fire.