Chartiers Valley High School - Muslim Girl Gets Ass Beat in Bathroom

Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims attack Whites in high schools all across America on a daily basis and nothing happens, some raghead mouths off and gets put in her place by a white girl and it makes the news - who, as a bonus, are literally shilling for the Council on Islamic Relations.

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This is great - the kiddies are waking up. This girl deserves a medal. Haymakers :rofl:

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Here is the actual video without any blurred out nonsense. Here is what happened:

  • Be foreigner from a land where everyone practically smoked (shisha)
  • Go to school
  • People wanted to breath some vapor
  • Sperged
  • Confronted them
  • As if you actually own the place and not a foreigner
  • Can’t be bothered to just give people a bathroom stall that is public property

Low IQ, low courtesy and confrontational. What a great model immigrant!

She thought her hijab and terrorist complexion would protect her. Wrong move. PA girls don’t play games.

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