Charles Payne Brings The Pain to Race-Baiting Leftists

Fresh off the debates there were some interesting narratives being advocated by MSM and one of them is “Trump is a racist”. I am having a very hard time with this because in essence calling someone a racist is tantamount to slander. So the question I have is why doesn’t Trump just start filing lawsuits to every single one of these deadbeats running for office on the basis of slander? Yeah I know what the answer is, “he would probably would have to sue every single candidate in this race and that might create an entirely different narrative that could backfire against Trump” which is my first thought. I know if someone called me racist in public I would be first to call them out and force them to prove their case, especially in a court of law, but that is the lawyer in me talking, for the rest its simply a matter how one would go to prove who the true racists are, and make no mistake it has always been the democrats IMO. So when I saw this clip by Charles Payne this morning, I was pretty impressed with the point he makes and I wanted to share this with others on this site to think about what he is saying on a deeper level as it relates to todays narratives being drummed up, because for people like Payne who don’t view people based on identity politics its much more easier to articulate in succinct terms why Democrats are racists and he does so in a very clear distinctive way! Charles Payne is a class act, and wished we had a majority of people in America that had this kind of intellect.

Enjoy the clip!