Channel migrants: More than 60 people found on Boxing Day

“Forty-nine people in four boats were met by Border Force and brought to England, while a further two boats were dealt with by French authorities.”

Y’see, this is the difference between the US and the UK in their respective immigration problems - you build walls to keep yours out, but we go and fetch ours to save them the trouble of making their own way here? :roll_eyes: :laughing:

'Those whom the gods wish to destroy . . . ’

The US does the same thing daily especially up and down the Rio Grande.

Not to worry, we’ve picked up our share at sea escaping Cuba.

Are you afraid of being replaced by people who will work harder to improve your country than you will?

Just to put you in the picture, because you’re obviously too sanctimonious to work it out for yourself: the word has got out worldwide that Europe is a land of milk and honey, where you don’t need to work because you’ll be given money whether you do or not; you’ll be given free accommodation; free health care no matter how much you abuse your health; your utility bills and local taxes will be paid for you by those who do work, and at the end of it all, they continue to give you money for the rest of your life, which is called a State Pension, and you don’t even need to have contributed because you’ll get it anyway. Some will ‘work hard’, but they’ll be vastly outnumbered by indolents, criminals, child abusers, sociopaths, and a few jihadists for good measure who wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone like you. Now go and learn something about real life.

The English Channel was calm as a proverbial millpond yesterday - a perfect day for a one-way trip from France to England. And the forecast is for the high pressure to continue for another week or more - if it carries on like this, the French won’t be able to keep up with demand for more motorised boats. What a fucking joke it is!