Changing of leadership (multiple polls) 🤴

Well look it here, we have a Republican party attacking it’s self from inside out.
I think this is good for the party, like a mafia hit job. The family needs new leadership.
Who do you want to see lead the Republican Party?

Should we change leadership?

  • Yes
  • No

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Who would you like to see become house speaker? Add your name

  • Tucker Carlson
  • Jim Jordan
  • Rand Paul
  • Rick Scott
  • Ann Coulter

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I actually wouldn’t mind Kari Lake, I wonder if she could do both.

John Kennedy would get my vote, but I doubt he’s interested. From your list I would go with Jordan or Paul.

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I like John great choice

Personally, I am so disgusted by the ineptitude and forfeited victory by the GOP that I am going on vacation. I will be self imposing quarantine from political comments until my BLOOD PRESSURE is back to normal .I may go on another news blackout until the news​:tornado:improves(HAH!) Or Sanity is restored…to me or the nation.

Senator Filibuster Foghorn

You should stick around for the comedy the next two years of democrats continued failures.

This winter is going to be one of the worst we’ve had in a while, and people literally voted for it. All you can do is laugh.

Trump has no strategy. Trump is just an ego driven narcissist. He has killed the Republican Party… which might end up being a good thing. It’s time to re-build the party. Some good things have come from him… Kari Lake, Ron DeSantis… both smarter and more tactful than he could ever be. I will reitterate… I don’t hate Trump. I just think/feel his time is over. Rebuild the party with his MAGA vision, but keep it sane and pragmatic.

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You’re to emotional, go eat some chocolate

Umm ok Hawley, what’s new to you?

I have an idea, get the message out better, promote new media options, invite republican only media to events. Do what Democrats do, force the folks to get the media FROM US.
Revolver news , gateway, turtle boy news. Stop talking to left wing media

True, Trump has no strategy. He just does the same thing, over and over. However, he didn’t kill the GOP - George W Bush gets that in my book. He gave us the biggest foreign disaster in my lifetime, and he loaded the party up with weasels who follow the book according to Karl Rove: Lie to enough of the saps to get 51%, it doesn’t matter how. Trump was the first “Republican” to say flatly that invading Iraq was a catastrophic blunder, I’d been waiting for one of them to say it since about 2003. They were all too timid to say what everyone knew. That’s still the GOP we see today, and it’s not going to change.

Trump was just the guy who showed up when the damage was done, and people wanted to send a strong repudiation to those who did it. Too bad there are so many who have either caused the damage, helped without sticking their necks out, or have just accepted that fighting it is futile. New leadership won’t change anything.

We need to peel the layers back here… what did trump do to you? I don’t like trump, I’d rather someone who uses the military on the border, and takes out terrorist groups like blm. But he was the best we had in a long time

To think…all that time we were trying to ‘nation-build’ in Afghanistan when we should have been fixing our own problems at home.

I like Ron DeSantis and would vote for him if he gets the Republican nomination for president in 2024. I checked his voting record while he was in the U.S. House:

Ron DeSantis
FloridaDistrict 6
Status: Former Legislator
Constitutional Votes
Score Congress
70% Lifetime
63% 115th (2017-2018)
67% 114th (2015-2016)
80% 113th (2013-2014)

Your layers are pretty thin. You think that anyone who isn’t enthralled with your hero is blinded by something or other.

I only know all of these politicians from what I hear and read in the media. I don’t fall in love with any of them, what we see can be exactly the opposite from what is reality. I rate performance from actual results, not good intentions and charisma.

I like politicians who enrage the right people, I loved some of the stuff Trump did like taking those stupid debates as a joke. He killed more sacred cows than I thought possible. That doesn’t prevent me from looking back and wondering what could have been done better. For Trump, there’s alot of material. It was a fun four years, but in the end he lost to a cardboard cutout and all he can do is make excuses. I don’t like people who make excuses, that means that they’ll make the same mistakes over and over.

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