"Change Our Laws"

Good point picked up on from John Roberts Sunday show.

Walls and fences are major part of the solution but they certainly will not solve the problem alone.

Trump and others keep talking about “changing our laws” but rarely do we hear anything of substance on the subject.

One point is claims of Asylum particularly from the “Norther Triangle Countries”.

Some of those folks are legitimately asylees/refugees and basically all of them now know that if they can set one foot on US soil and turn themselves into the BP claiming asylum it will at least be weeks, probably months and often years before their cases can be thoroughly reviewed and during the interim they are released into the US.

Those that are immediately rejected run as high as 80-90% depending on who’s figures you accept and a good percentage of those are obviously frauds.

How would you change the laws on the books to still leave an open door to legitimate claimants but close it hard for those who are not?


Criminalize the frauds, prosecute them with a minimum incarceration time of 6-12 months.

That would probably lower the work load in short order by at least 60-75% freeing up the resources for the legit claimants.

Add as quickly as possible at least 200-300 new immigration judges to handle the current/future load specifically and as many as are deemed practice to deal with the backlog of something like 800,000 cases that are already in the courts.

Immediately then deport to Mexico or wherever they entered the US from.

Not only will this greatly discourage/deter non legit claims it puts the burden of then providing for these people and/or incorporating them into the Mexican system and relieves the US taxpayers of the burden.

Tijuana has pretty much been bankrupted over the “caravaners” that got stuck there and even the state is having very hard time providing help to TJ.

Increase this overall burden to Mexico by ten’s of hundreds of thousands and see then just how quickly they stop providing the illegals a free pass through Mexico into the US.

I’m not the least bit racist, nor do I hold legitimate refugees and asylees in contempt in any way but I’m fed up with this entire situation and tired of being told “we’ll fix it next session” or “next year” for 40 years with no real attempt at a resolution.

The cost to the US taxpayer has been staggering over that time not to mention all of the victims of crimes committed by illegals in the US and the carnage that has resulted.

Trump and the RNC need to get specific, and hire the best marketing team in the world to help them present it straight up and factually to the US and force the left to try and fight it.

Republicans and Conservatives have been surrendering and playing passive for far too long and sine the Reagan and Gingrich Era’s have never been able to present and hold a united front or do even a half-assed job of doing anything but “preaching to the choir”.

Without a doubt there are a considerable number of republicans who are bought and paid for by individuals and companies that benefit from Illegals and keeping the status quo and they need to be shown for who and what they are so their constituents have no choice but to accept the facts.

Without trolling out the white nationalist/racist meme can anyone argue a better case or add something of value to this line of discussion?


Do not release into US states.

Deport to island(s) while awaiting.

Require work for subsistence.

Details TBD.

I like that that idea!

Especially the “work for subsistence” part!

Make it hard on them no matter what!

…no harder than being a responsible citizen.

It would be great if we would do things like you are suggesting here, but the problem is that even Republicans would be reluctant to rock the immigration boat too much and Democrats want not part of reforming our immigration or asylum laws. The goal of the Left is to allow in as many non white and non Christians as possible. Grow a citizenry that needs and wants dependency on government and has no devotion to the Constitution.

Politicians in general are lying cowards. The Republican Congress only voted to repeal Obamacare while they knew Obama would veto it. When Obama left office, they stopped. Turns out almost nobody in office actually wants to jeapordize their chances of being re-elected by taking a stand against their peers and actually representing their constituents when they get the chance. That pretty much goes for both parties.

I like adding judges - it is sorely needed.

It is my understanding they are to be sent back to Mexico while a judge reviews their cases. That, if actually enforced, would be a big plus.

I’d also add that the incentive to stay in the United States has to become a deterrent:
Fines for renting our housing anyone who cannot provide proof they are legally here;
Fees on money transfers .
Fines on employers that are so prohibitive the risk is not worth the reward to hire an illegal.

The key is to get rid of incentives.

Obviously strong border security with wall, technology and personnel. Anyone caught is immediately returned to their country of origin. Simply returning them across the border allows them to immediately turnaround and try again. If they trekked across Mexico, returning them to their country of origin means that they have to do it all over again.

They will no longer be able to ask for asylum outside legal ports of entry.

Nothing will change, maybe we get another government cuckdown that won’t work. Trump is a lame duck anyway and we won’t get another president who will at least try to do anything about illegals.

Build the wall, free the potheads, and keep the private prison industry humming along with the reservation of the illegally immigrated.

Sounds good to me.

Under Carter we had detention centers for Mariel boat-lift.

What change since then…why aren’t we doing it now?

This is part and parcel of getting the best marketing team in the country put together to handle the messaging and PSA campaign.

The people that suffer the most due to illegal immigration in the US are poor working class blacks and Hispanics and other poor legal minorities. The democrats have done a masterful job of convincing them otherwise. The truth is often harder to sell than fiction because people can’t separate their emotions from reality. They only are inclined to listen to that which they already agree with in spite of the facts.

Without exactly the right messaging and a very persistent effort at same this equation cannot and will not be changed.

We are absolutely right on this issue from “build the wall” to “Real ID” to full implementation and enforcement of E-Verify and on and on. Democrats however with their willing accomplices in the media successfully convince the majority that none of this is true and that it’s all about “White Nationalism”.

In reality, it’s the “poor white trash” that makes up the bulk of the White Nationalists who suffer as much as the poor working class minorities but as long as the truth can successfully be tied to the WNV/Racist movement we’re not going to be able to swing the political pendulum our way.

A big part of that messaging campaign is going to have to be a constant parade of minorities telling their stories and showing how they are suffering economically, societally, and as victims of crime due to illegal immigration.

White Europeans will within a generation or two be a minority in this country so unless they find a way to win minorities over to the conservative side of things there is a very dark future ahead for them and in turn for all of us on the whole.

Fortunately the Democrats have gone whole hog on attacking Christians in general and Catholics in particular which alone is going to drive a whole lot of Hispanic/Latinos away from the party.

If all you have is the LGBT/Feminazi vote left as your base the democratic party will soon find it impossible to win outside of select districts and cities.

One of the first sources I’d tap on putting all of this together would be Gingrich. His model of the “Contract With America” campaign was brilliant and incredibly effective. Put him together with the marketing/messaging boys and girls and see what they could cook up in the next six months.

On a logical basis that’s a great idea, on a practical/emotional basis it’s a non starter as it will be equated to slavery.

Personal responsibility is a non starter today unfortunately.

Good point and one that I failed to add to the OP. There should only be three ways to apply for asylum or refugee status.

  1. From a US Consulate or Embassy in your home country.

  2. From a US Consulate or Embassy in the closest non hostile nation to your home country.

  3. At a US Port of Entry.

Anyone who enters the country illegally should be permanently barred from legal residency unless they have an extraordinary claim and turn themselves in immediately upon entry.

Why the latter?

Escape from N. Korea or another nation in which you face being executed or made a political prisoner for dissident views as a stowaway or something similar.

Release no one into the general population anymore pending their hearings. Either they remain in detention (yes including their children) or volunteer for immediate deportation.

Of course unless we actually secure the border there is no real solution.

We’ve got to put together an effective campaign to show All Americans including legal RA’s harms us all and make it so difficult to get in to begin with that we have an effective deterrent to dissuade the vast majority of potential illegals from even attempting it.

In practical terms we also have the simple fact that as long as it’s easy to flee your own country and get a free ride here, there’s no real incentive for them to stay home and change the equations for freedom and opportunity in their native countries.

Yep. That’s why you would have to…change the law.

Which while it may make us feel better to talk about we know it isn’t possible.

The political will against such a measure would be overwhelming.