Championship Sunday NFL Football Fans

Just as America is dying so too will the NFL.

This Sunday will see two great matchups which has been a very abnormal season due to the CCP Virus.

The Bills @ Chiefs

The Buccaneers @ The Packers (the earlier game)

Who are your picks?

What games are your fondest memories?

Picks are KC and Green Bay. I’d love to see the Bills go to the show, but, I think KC has too much offensive fire power.

Green Bay is playing out of their heads right now. Tampa is no slouch, but I don’t think they can hang with GB.

I’m a Raiders fan of 54 years. My favorite memory is being the first wild card team to win the SB. Sorry Jaws…lol.

I’m a BIG fan of Big Red ( Andy Reid) a great coach and human being. Being an Eagles Fan , he made us a power in the NFC.I was estatic when they won the Super Bowl last year. He has an excellant record developing quarterbacks over his career. I look for KC and GB to be in the Super Bowl and for KC to repest as champions.

Yeah I agree with your picks! Buffalo is a young up and coming team that is paying their dues to which their rebuild is not yet complete. They need a dominant pass rush and a reliable ground game and retooling to address those issues will have Buffalo returning next season.

KC on the other hand have not won games this season by more than 6 points so their defence is vulnerable and is not as good as Buffalo’s. If a upset does happen then my money is on Buffalo with the points.

Green Bay is a no brainer to me. Even though Tom Brady is used to playing in the cold such as what they will be playing in, I really don’t think they can beat Green Bay’s well oiled machine. Rogers is probably this years MVP having only thrown 5 interceptions all season long.

Favourite all time memories are the great super bowl match ups of the Steelers and Cowboys. Terry Bradshaw and Len Swan connection was a Marvel to watch. Bills come back to overcome a 35 point deficit over the Warren Moon led Oilers in a Wild card game was the other.

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Agree with you on Andy Reid! So happy for him that he has become so successful. I remember him with the Eagles, and correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t his hire with the Eagles originally as an interim coach mid season that become permanent?

This was awesome! I sent this to a close friend in Buffalo who I went to law school with!