Cell Phones thru the Years

Cell Phone Sales from 1992-2019

This moving bar graph shows the brands and total sales of cell phones…and how we got where we are today.


Some days I do miss my Motorola StarTAC. To date it was the best cell phone I ever owned, followed by the Nokia 3310, and then the Nokia E71.


It made me sick watching this and thinking that Apple basically charges between $800 and $1000 per iPhone. No one should spend that much money on a cell phone. The Google Pixel 3a proved that this year.

My favorite Motorola could be used as a phone or a long range walkie-talkie. It saved air time and battery life when the talking was in increments.

I think I still have that old phone somewhere in my collection of items that I forgot where I put. I’m not one to throw electronic devices away.

I still have a working Simpson 260 VOM (Series 7) that I bought in the 1960s. I prefer to use it rather than my newer digital meters.

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