Celebrate Diversity! London Bridge Hero Forced into De-radicalization Classes

People like him get these ideas.

The BBC called him a “hero,” Brits pushed for him to be awarded one of England’s highest honors, the George Cross medal, and a Swedish brewery named a beer after him.

Larner has now been added to a terrorist watchlistknow as Britain’s “Prevent” program after fears he could become an anti-Islam extremist, the Sun reported Monday.


Coming soon to a government near you!

Unbelievable. This is a tiny island that conquered most of the world. How do you take men who did that and pacify them so badly? 80 years of anti-British propaganda.

The fact is that the British Empire was the best thing that ever happened for most of the shit countries they ruled, and it will be humorous to see the various shitholers come to terms with how nice the British were compared to how the Chinese will be.

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You say that as though the savagery and exploitation of British imperialism was something to be admired…

Perhaps this is Karma…:man_shrugging:

Britain now has hate speech laws so onerous and pervasive that you can be arrested for saying something negative that is quite vanilla about say, Muslims after a terrorist attack, etc. The UK has colonized it’s own people, complete with tyranny, and now thought policing.

Very odd thing to say. This was one of them and we cast off their scourge. There’s nothing noble about exploiting humanity as the British empire did…

Somewhere there is a picture of you! Your voodoo doll awaits you!


Looks like you studied at the feet of Barack Hussain Obama’s teacher and mentor. So why not use the words he taught you…

Go ahead… apply the words he taught you. Apply them to Great Britain.
“Great Britain’s chickens…coming home to roost.”

There… feel better?

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Really? Have an example of somebody being arrested for saying something vanilla…or even chocolate for that matter?

Do your own homework skippy, asking others to do it for you is just being lazy!

So the term “re-education camp” was already taken?

This is likely an effort by the (((powers that be))) to stop this guy from becoming an icon more so then concern of him becoming radicalized.

Wasn’t he to get an award from the Crown for his actions at one point?

The Ministry of Truth is always right, war is peace.

Your link is bad Mark, have something better?

The link works for me.

It’s more likely to cause outrage and make him into more of an icon.