Celebrate Diversity! Ebola-infected woman crosses America’s open border and dies in a US hospital

There’s still no formidable wall protecting America’s southern border from continued invasion, which means that “migrants” and “refugees” – let’s call these people what they really are: illegals – continue to flood into our country like a broken fire hydrant. And some of them, disturbing new reports indicate, are bringing with them deadly Ebola infections that could create a national health nightmare.

A case-in-point was a 41-year-old woman from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) who died recently after entering the country via Texas. Border Patrol reportedly took the woman into custody after it was revealed that she had “a pre-existing medical condition,” after which she “vomited” before dying from “acute kidney failure.”

Upon analysis, it was determined that the woman was infected with Ebola, a deadly illness that has the potential to snowball into a national or even global pandemic if it isn’t quickly identified and quarantined. In this case, initial screening determined that this woman was sick, but for some reason she was “cleared by on-site contracted medical personnel, and transferred to the Lincoln Juarez Bridge for additional immigration processing and overnight holding.”

The very next day, which just so happened to be Christmas morning, the woman began to suffer “abdominal pain” that eventually caused her to throw-up. Border Patrol immediately contacted emergency medical services (EMS), which came and transported the woman to the Laredo Medical Center for a medical evaluation, where she quickly died.

I want to know who is paying to ferry these sub-Saharans to the New World from Africa.

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I find this situation to be highly unacceptable.

If I ever need surgery again I’m thinking of going to a veterinarian. It’s probably safer, not to mention cleaner.

As long as the democrats can get votes, what do they care?

This story is full of holes. The patient was male and from Liberia, not The Congo.

Natural News is among the worst sites you can go to for factual stories.

Yes, we damned well need to secure the border.

A particularly aggressive strain of Influenza is actually far more likely to cause a serious outbreak in the US than Ebola.

We have about 3,200 annual deaths in the US from normal Flu strains. Imagine what happens when we get something like the 1918 Spanish Flu strain or worse disseminated across the country.