Cats to be put on leashes to protect wildlife? EU says No


Cats to be put on leashes to protect wildlife? EU says No

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FILE - In this Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 file photo, two cats sit at the top of the stairway in the middle of a small fisherman’s landing in Valletta, Malta. The EU on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019, said it guarantees the right of domestic cats to roam free, even if they can be a threat to birds. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo, File)

BRUSSELS (AP) — Put domestic cats on a leash to better protect threatened birds and the environment? The European Union says that would deny mankind’s furry friend its unalienable right to roam.

The EU’s executive said Thursday that it is “a strong defender of free movement rights — including of cats” and “categorically” denied it would ever force cats to be kept indoors or on a leash, as one scientific study suggests.

Tilburg University scientists wrote in Oxford’s Journal of Environmental Law that free-ranging domestic cats “impact biodiversity through predation, disturbance, competition, disease and hybridization,” and added that the predatory impact is worse than often assumed.

When a cat comes on my property, I just shoot it. Since the cat owner is not required to license the cat, I consider them unprotected feral animals. If I see a collar, I cut the creature some slack. Once. But it’s difficult to see a collar from 250 or 300 feet. If my dog bites someone, there will be a knock at my door. If the unlicensed neighbor’s cat bites someone, all the neighbor needs to say is, it’s not my cat.

Are you a bird lover, a cat hater or a shooting enthusiast?

A property which affords you a 300 ft shooting range is quite the luxury.

All of that. But I wouldn’t shoot an animal that had a collar & license. If I could help it.

Old house & some property. Nothing special. My father paid $1,000 for the land after WW2.

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Fluffy owes his life to law enforcement?


What’s your tally?


My God, I forgot; but I was running out of burial space. I’m not some jerk; but the neighbors have a fucking herd of cats; and I know they are not attended by a vet. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. They just roam, kill as many birds as they can, shit in my garden. One continually pissed on my clothes dryer exhaust vent. That was until I connected the 60 amp 220 grid over the dryer outlet. Until then, I did not believe a cat could explode & catch fire.

Your way of life appeals to me.

But I LOVE cats and dogs!


First, you don’t want my life; I paid far too many dues. Second, I also like animals; but my cat does not roam the neighborhood, nor do my dogs, or the pig. My cat is literally obese, and does little but eat & sleep. Even eats the dog’s food; and any food it can find. It’s so fucking lazy, if it’s sleeping by the front door, you must physically move him to open the door. Even if he was out, he’d probably have a heart attack chasing a bird. When the cat was young and I would occasionally let him roam, he always came back with war wounds. Had a lump on his head, so I took him to the vet. Inside the lump was the claw from another cat that was stuck in his skull. At least 5 episodes of having him stitched up. A Manx & a big cat. He’s survived almost 15 years, so I have retired him. Out to pasture. Yes, my whole family is nuts.

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It was fun reading your comments.



:rofl: :joy: When the cat karks it (and it sounds like it might be sooner rather than later? :open_mouth: ) you’ll have to buy a door-stop for the summer months. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yet another stupid law that can’t possibly be enforced. :roll_eyes: Aren’t these bureaucrats supposed to be the intelligentsia ffs!!