Catholicvote bullshit!

CatholicVote launches $3 million midterm ad campaign aimed at kicking Catholic Democrats out of office .

A political ad released this week targets a Catholic politician for not speaking out about the vandalism and violence against pro-life pregnancy centers and Catholic churches.

The ad attacks Rep. Cindy Axne, D-Iowa, for doing “nothing” while churches are “firebombed” and “radical liberals are acting like terrorists,” and it’s only the first commercial of its kind in a larger campaign from CatholicVote aiming to call out self-proclaimed Catholics, many in the Democratic Party, for not being in line with Catholic teaching.

Highlighting silence from Catholic politicians on suspected arson attacks against churches, as in the Axne ad, is only one aspect of the campaign from CatholicVote.
It’s all about the MONEY period . The Catholic church could care less about you killing your baby , they make so much money The Church has also been a big part of the pregnancy resource movement and profit greatly from that and other women’s issues .
The Catholic church lost its beliefs because not embracing homosexuals cost them dearly , its about the money !!!
How many young BOYS were raped by Catholic priests ? How many are serving life in prison ? Why did that dope with the mitre on his bald head do something rather than hiding these pedophiles moving them from State to State to continue to rape young boys ?

One priest in Boston allegedly raped or molested 130 children as church officials moved him from parish to parish over decades. In the end, a total of 271 members of the clergy were publicly accused of child sex abuse in Boston alone.
Sixteen years and roughly $3 billion in financial settlements later, the scandal is back. This time its focal point is Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, D.C. — a man who had been promoted to top positions in the church despite being credibly and repeatedly accused of a range of acts of sexual predation, including the years-long abuse of a boy (whom McCarrick had reportedly baptized as a baby) starting when he was 11 years old.

Pedophilia and homosexuality are rampant within the walls of the Catholic churches and rectories globally . The most disgraceful aspect of this sordid side of the church is the cover-up. Cover-ups come in three forms. One, the church protects priests who act improperly, two, the church pays victims to be silent, three, pedophiles are transferred (after being “redeemed”) to other diocese where they destroy more lives.

Over the past few decades, similar scandals have been exposed in countries around the world. In most cases, clerics of various rank have been credibly accused of abusing (usually but not always male) children and teenagers, and of breaking celibacy vows with seminarians and others over whom they serve in positions of authority. When such acts have been brought to the attention of those higher up the church hierarchy, the accused have rarely been punished, often moved to new dioceses (where they have frequently repeated the behavior), and sometimes promoted to positions of great power and influence in the church.

The core of the church’s problem is personal immorality, institutional corruption,and utter hypocrisy. The core is pure ugliness !

Irish Catholicism has been crushed by an avalanche of scandals involving the widespread decades-long abuse (sexual and otherwise) of children in the country’s schools and childcare system.