Cargo Shorts are Superior

I wear cargo shorts and pants and I don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t wear them for the fashion, but the utility. They allow me to carry my wallet, keychain, personal phone, work phone, and any other effects I may need on my person. I don’t walk around in my cargos thinking i’m cool. They’re functional apparel. They’ve never prevented me from getting laid.

There’s a subset of the population that is trying to hurry along the cargo-style clothing and I don’t see their problem with it. They call them “purse pants” and crack jokes like “what’s something cargo pants can’t hold? A conversation with a lady yuk yuk”. haha fuck off. I will continue to wear my cargos and you will deal with it.


I dont mind wearing cargo pants but I have to wear a belt with them because all the stuff I carry with them including my handgun weighs them down so they fall if they are not super tight.

The only people who wear cargo shorts are rednecks and nobodies from flyover states. At any rate, no one cares what you wear because no one will ever notice you or listen to what you have to say…because you are wearing stupid cargo shorts.

I’m surprised that you wouldn’t be an advocate of wearing cargo shorts. Just think of all those pockets you can store your soy drinks in!




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Yet not only did you notice you could not manage the self control not to jump in to denigrate hundreds of millions of people.

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Seriously, this is your big issue?

I like shorts. They’re comfy and easy to wear.

And most of the world knows this, it’s not like there’s an issue here to discuss much less debate.

What do you care? Everyone has their hot button topics. If you do not like a thread then do not reply to the original post.

We’re discussing, if you don’t like it find another thread.

I dont see much discussion from you just criticism.

Best have that discussion with the guy you see in the mirror every morning.

Take your personal trolling elsewhere.

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So opinionated.

Clearly you dislike most of the states in the US and prefer the coastal shitholes.

You are more than welcome to the lands of make believe.

Cargo shorts and pants are cool.