Candace Owens Speaks About Conditions at an ICE Immigration Center

This is an eye opening example of what the Left truly is all about.

Candace Owens is an American conservative commentator and political activist. She is known for her pro-Trump stance and her criticism of Black Lives Matter and of the Democratic Party. She is the Director of Communications at the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA.

This woman reporter is furious…and for good reason! It’s not what you might think by listening to the lead-in…but hear her out! Candace Owens, normally a very controlled and refined speaker, is so outraged by the lies, she does, at times, resort to language that is more, shall we say, colorful, to express herself. But it is high time that someone tells the truth.

Did something recently happen in Broward County to cause her to take this tour? I looked for ICE protest, last one I could find is June. Not sure of the date of the report.

However, she makes a very good point in that our own inner city children are treated more like second class citizens than those in the detention centers.

We tend to treat the illegals in this country very well.

We almost forget they broke the LAW !!!

But it was such a little law.

I’m glad to see them camped out in less than stellar conditions on Mexico’s side of the border. Perhaps that will serve to dissuade these mass caravans so in the future people can be processed in a timely and fair manner.

And I think Mexico is asking those people questions whose answers will put together a picture of who created and sponsored these people and lied to them.

I thought I heard her say that she took the tour in response to the bull***t she was hearing from the left about how harmful these centers are to immigrant children…only to discover the opposite.

I also thought I heard her say that she took a camera crew with her on the tour. I’d like to see the videos they made inside.

Perhaps some will be made public soon.

There are several links to this story.

Many use the “click me” headline that makes one think she’s outraged about the behavior of ICE…when actually she pissed about the libs lying about ICE’s behavior.

Is that why there were a record number of family illegal entries for November?

The majority of people camped on Mexico’s side of the border want asylum. I suspect it won’t be too much longer before they start finding ways to enter illegally.

The 25,172 illegal immigrant family members nabbed by the Border Patrol last month is up from 23,121 in October and far more than the maximum of about 16,000 set during several months during the Obama administration.

I would hazard to guess there are multiple factors involved in the increase.
Organizations who are coaching and offering legal advice;
Low unemployment and job opportunities;
Lax policies and enforcement on returning to court for a hearing.

I would also consider that the increased presence on the border has allowed for more illegals to be caught.

From the video, one would think the illegals won the jackpot. It can’t help for word to spread at how well they are being treated, which only encourages more illegals.

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You can figure that if we’re lucky we might be interdicting about 10%, half of which flee back across the border freely and maybe half get caught.

Do the math and the figures become pretty shocking.

At least with strategic fencing, electronic monitoring, and rapid response teams to augment the teams in the field we could probably cut their success rate by at least 80-90%.

We’ll never see a wall from coast to coast as the logistics and topography make it all but impossible and in some areas totally unnecessary but we do need as near to an impervious barrier along most of the border as we can manage.

The gaps can be strategically placed in the most challenging terrain creating choke points to then channelize the flow to places where they can most easily be interdicted.