Canada Lost 71,200 Jobs Last Month and is Worried About Trump in Christmas Movies

The TDS is real and can be confirmed when viewing stories like these in a broader aggregate of economics how socialist states like Canada are ultimately failing.

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Oh that Trudeau, he’s such a hoser!!

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Is that “Blackface” or just “Brown Nose” gone wild?

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[quote=“Wazoo2u2, post:2, topic:6491, full:true”]
Oh that Trudeau, he’s such a hoser!!

[/Overall, though, the year-to-date jobs tally for 2019 remains positive, with the economy adding 26,000 net new jobs between January and November. Another silver-lining came from wage data, which showed a 4.5 per cent increase year over year, up from 4.3 per cent in October

They are in the red for the year and seriously in the red in loss of manufacturing jobs, the kind that actually create new wealth.


That’ll show him. lolololol

They really got him this time! huehuehue

2020 Dem landslide for sure now! xDxDxDxD

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In typical Monte fashion, an epic failure to acknowledge substance and facts over hyperbole in snowflake lame and weak responses! The clown show continues! Thanks Monte! You always deliver in the entertainment value on this site! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Job loss - real.

Trump was removed from the movie 2 years before he even started to run for president and it was a segment of the movie that didn’t affect the story at all so it could be easily removed to add a commercial (it was part of 8 minutes total that were removed - as is standard practice for pretty much every network everywhere). And thus far, the only people worries about the movie seem to be Americans.

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Nice mental gymnastics!


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Except there’s no evidence to support that claim.

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You watch much CBC there monkey-fucker? You can disprove the claim first-hand? Or are you just spouting bullshit? I know where my money lies.

I’ve always hated it when they cut into movies for commercials…and they always do in on the alphabet channels. Always.

Monkey fucker? Takes one to know one huh? You are free to back up your assertions otherwise you are just another Canadian leftist cuck who loves licking Truturd’s balls by talking shit here! Back it up or STFU!

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I’m stating a fact, there’s no evidence to support that claim. Don’t project your sexual perversions and proclivities on others. Your mother was not a monkey.

I have first hand evidence as I watch the Home Alone movies on CBC annually. And I forgot where you are - it’s probably cattle not monkeys you enjoy. Sorry for the confusion.

Ah another monkey fucker. Lot of em here. Thanks for your input though :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I read the responses from conservatives and alI can do is smdh.

The edit in question was made in 2014, in addition to cutting other scenes for commercials, when the CBC acquired screening rights.

Trump started running for president in 2015.