Canada indigenous chief battered during arrest

Canada, like the US and Australia, has a checker past concerning their treatment of indigenous people. But what struck me about this arrest was the appearance of Justin Trudeau giving his normal lecture of leftist dogma. He has let his hair grow out long, has a beard and I would not be surprises if he starts wearing flowers in his hair, a hippie poncho and beads. Fine example of a world leader!

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It’s still not clear to me why the arrest had to be that violent.

Japan is the same way. Except it happened 2,000 years ago when the ancestral Japanese came by boat and virtually decimated the indigenous population called Ainu.
Their settlements are now limited to the northern most island, but they lived pretty much everywhere and they are direct descendants of a culture called “Jomon.”

Even the name of the mountain “Fuji” is Ainu, meaning “fire” as it still is an active volcano.

Well you know that’s not going to happen…:roll_eyes:

Canadians across the country have not been able to get their hair cut. I’m sure a prime minister could receive special dispensations, but it’s a very effective way for him to message solidarity with Canadians…

These for a long period of time these people would tattoo the upper lip of a female with a moustache.

In many hunter/gatherer societies single and married women wore different attire, hairdos (Hopi), pull teeth (in New Guinea), tattoo around the mouth (Ainu), etc. to make a distinction.

Wearing a special ring stems from the same tradition with a minor variation. In Russia you wear the ring on your right hand, if I’m not mistaken.

The Ainu have inhabited the Japanese islands since the Ice Age, when the islands were connected with the Eurasian Continent and the Sea of Japan was just a big lake.

His father gets a mention in Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance-Formation of America.” He was part of the cabal. Like father, like son.

I’ve been trimming my hair with scissors in front of a mirror. Although there was no general lockdown, many barber shops closed voluntarily (due to too few customers).

Not sure what all that has to do with Trudeau showing solidarity with Canadians. Or why his hair and beard are even a mention with so many in the same predicament.

One thing is for sure.
Trudeau doesn’t give a damn about Canada and Canadians.

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Well that’s just not true. But then you think that way about everybody save the most selfish of them all, and you’re not even an American…

And you’re not even a Canadian…

True, and I’m not pretending to know what the Canadian prime ministered interest in Canada and Canadians is, but Canadians that elected him certainly do…

Assuming elections in Canada are not rigged as in the US.
If Canadians seriously wanted Trudeau as their prime minister, it goes to show they are not very smart

You cannot know all Canadians as you claim to know what all Japanese know. And if elections in the US are rigged as you claim, then I suppose that explains the Trump presidency. But then how would you know anything about America’s elections from the west pac island nation that you reside in…

I have no idea what Canadians are thinking.
If they elected baby Trudeau, they can’t be very smart.
That’s all I’m saying.

The Japanese are the exemplary sheeple and thus are the last people to wake up.

Dems rigged the 2016 elections big time.
But not enough to overcome the dislike of Hillary by average Americans. (Average here not in derogatory sense)

I don’t watch TV. And I urge you to stop watching TV as well.

But that’s just a generalized and subjective statement is all I’m saying…

Apparently not, as Trump is in office…

The Democrats and their allies thought the rigging was sufficient and they became complacent.

Be it would-be madam President or would-be Pocahontas, they has no respect for Native Americans; they want the votes.