Canada Got It Right...Why Can't We?

^^^ This is called “whataboutism”, a Russian “active measure”.

It’s called, “I respect your right to have an opinion. I just don’t give a shit what it is!”

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Message is a Hoax – Dorval Mayor Made No Such Statement

However, the message is a hoax. The mayor of Dorval did not make the comments attributed to him and has publicly denied the claims in the message via a press release on the city’s website. The press release notes:

The City of Dorval Denounces False News Circulating on the Internet

Dorval, January 27, 2015 – For a number of weeks now, false news has been circulating on social networks, as well as via a string of emails, about the Mayor of Dorval having allegedly refused to follow up on a request from Muslim parents asking him to remove pork from the City’s school cafeterias. The story also quotes speculative comments from the Mayor in regards to Muslims.

The City of Dorval wishes to denounce this false article and resents this identity usurpation. Internet users across the world have published this false news as it was true, and the Mayor would like to set the record straight by saying that, on no account, he, nor any the City’s representatives, have made such comments.

Derived From an Earlier Hoax Set in Belgium

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I was not aware of its being a hoax when I posted it. I suppose I should have checked the truth checkers first.

However, the message is commendable and I would have been proud to exclaim it. But then, I’m not a Mayor, one who depends upon votes to keep his job. I can understand his being shy of hurting their wittle feewings!

Screw Islam!

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