Can You Give The Pro's and Con's of Russia Disconnecting From The Internet?

Can You Give The Pro’s and Con’s of Russia Disconnecting From The Internet?

Russia Is Being Disconnected From The Internet


May 8, 2019

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The Russian government is working on separating the Russian internet from the rest of the world. It’s not too good. Let’s discuss it.

Pro: They keep their country safe from adulterants if the need arises to do so.

Con: Government oppression is always bad. Right?


It reminds me a little of our need to build the wall.

A serious plus:

No more hacking by foreign governments.


It might even create some competition if people from the outside can access it… although I don’t know if they will be able to.


Can you think of a negative consequence?

Not sure what you mean. Please elaborate?

It would certainly limit information available to people from outside Russia which may not be a bad thing.

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Is this any different that what we are dealing with in the US?

In the case of Russia, the state is implementing a plan to crush dissent through censorship and punitive legal actions.

In the US big tech companies are doing the same thing and they are using our laws to protect themselves while they do it. They are also lining up with the media to protect one party and one ideology.

Both scenarios result in the same outcome.

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And here is where it becomes a little tricky.

I am not at all supportive of Russia except as a trading partner.

In any event, I will support whatever interpretation of Russia which is provided by Pres.Trump.

But having said that, I think the Russian desire to limit the possible badness to their society and government from agents provocateur is understandable and if we can make clear to the stupids on the Left that supporting Putin’s efforts to keep their country strong and healthy out of a natural sense of self preservation, makes sense.

America didn’t really go prime time with the dissent until the internet allowed bad guys from abroad to start messing with the minds of our previously marginal players, circa 2000.

I think so.

And so, in my opinion, the act of controlling the internet access is an obvious remedy if that is why your country might be attacked or become vulnerable.