Can money buy you?

Well Soros the skunk finally wormed his way into our lives in a bad way. He bought an otherwise red state of Virginia and turned it blue. He pumped an unprecedented millions of dollars into the campaigns and converted the people and now we have four of the most corrupt AG’s running Virginia.

Are we really that stupid that money can buy us???
Don’t they realize that these AG’s are going to allow crime including murder to run rampant in the state?

They will not prosecute crime because they promised Soros to abide by the extreme progressive left to remove our laws and remake our Constitution. The virginians might get the message once they see their family members murdered and or raped. There will be syringes in the streets …it will look just like California, Washington, and Maryland. New York is now falling to the homeless and the drugs.

Why can’t people see the light?


Soros is a mere representative of the international banking establishment.
Our current banking system is the old Babylonia curse; debt-based, interest-bearing, war-mongering fraud, condemned by Jesus.

We take this massive banking fraud for granted, because we and our parents were born into it, live in it and think it will continue.

Time to say no (finally).

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I’m not sure who “us” is since you are on a board with people (aside from a few) who put country first.

I sincerely doubt they will ever be able to connect the dots. :wink:

Easier to unscramble eggs than to straighten out the mess. I try to be a minimalist; but still need money to a point, to survive. My in-laws both made it to almost 100 years old. Told me they remembered when people were physically paid in gold coin. Anyway, just too much greed, and when the smoke clears, little gained. Diminishing returns. Such a short trip, and people just don’t realize it. Life can actually be fulfilling - rewarding; but, well, you know. My Last Will & Testament reads: Being of sound mind, I spent all the fucking money.


David Rockefeller lived to 100 or thereabouts. Money he did have which permitted him a number of heart transplants.

Did he have a happy life, enjoying every minute in his mansions in the nicest places in the country?

I don’t know if he was happy but it sure is enjoyable to be in a nice mansion. But there is a price to pay.

How is he feeling on the other side?

I don’t know but I sure don’t want to be where he is, having blood on his hands. Karma is the key word, I suppose.

I am a native Virginian and this article explains why the Republicans lost…we aren’t dumb, the RNC is.


Or maybe, it was like Jim Stone says:

It has become obvious that after the latest round of election fraud, it’s FULL STEAM AHEAD

The ■■■■■■ community (I am not going to even bother with the words communist, leftist, or Democrat) has just received confirmation that they are still so deeply rooted in subversive positions that they can roll over any election they want, and never be held accountable. Thrown away ballots. Shredded ballots. Fractional skimming. Dead voting. They are using multiple methods of stealing that all add up to we are done, put a fork in it.

There’s little doubt the Dems ■■■■ would lose virtually every election and only win by stealing. People don’t want this crap they are pushing. That would be reflected in the polls of an accurate election, no, fairies don’t come out of the wood work and it is not the fault of women voters either. When you add dead voting to illegal voting, to “voting early and voting often” to percentage based vote skimming to shredding ballots, it adds up to a situation where the rigging is simply so much it cannot be overcome even if 80 to 90 percent vote for the “losing” candidate.

We are doomed

I am calling it now. I am calling it because the ■■■■■■ community got it’s answer after the latest elections - they can steal it ENORMOUSLY and never be held accountable because when the judge is a ■■■ and the prosecutor is a ■■■ and the clerk is a ■■■ and the lawyer is a ■■■ and any investigation will be run by a ■■■■ only those on the other side who are guilty of errors will ever go to jail, even without intent, while the elections get stolen right out from under everyone And it shows in the arrogance being flaunted everywhere by these bastards now, over their recent “victories”. They fear nothing because they know damn well they have the steal TOTALLY in the bag.

Again I say, WE ARE DOOMED

It won’t be fixed by the next election. Everything is going to go completely against the will of the people, and then the ■■■■■ who were PISSED OFF by the fact they failed to steal an election for the first time in decades - proven by how the ■■■■■■ MSM acted, ■■■■■■ Hollywood acted, ■■■■■■ owned tech giants acted over Trump - they defunded everyone, banned practically everyone and censored everyone who ever said a positive word about Trump - their behavior proves that when they steal it in 2020 WE ARE ABSOLUTELY FED, they absolutely WILL get revenge, it is going to be bad,* and there is simply no other way to say it. The shit will absolutely HIT. THE. FAN.

I don’t know what else to say. We cannot win. Anyone who says we can with the current state of corruption and subversion is delusional, and Trump has not done JACK SQUAT to fix this. Probably because he can’t, there is simply too much in his way, he just cannot get around the subversion and having Ivanka be married to one of these bastards is the final nail. We’re done.

Soros is a currency speculator. He made huge profits destroying the Asian tiger economies and later the British pound. The US dollar is the holy grail of currency speculation. Cracking the world’s standard of exchange opens the door to unimaginable wealth for Soros. Never mind the misery it would cause.

Soros isn’t going to wait around for US politicians to debauch the currency on their own schedule. Not when he can invest in politicians who will speed the process along with ruinous socialist spending under an ever expanding welfare state. Soros doesn’t donate, he invests for his personal benefit.

It’s estimated ( I haven’t verified this ) Rockefeller holdings amount to 3 trillion dollars.

'Us" is the american voting people.


Not sure how true this is, but I read the Rothchild’s are worth ten trillion.
They are the ones who created our current monetary system, and they happen to own it.

There’s only election fraud when people don’t like the election results.

The owned 1/4 or 1/3 of the world’s total wealth, like gold and real estate at the turn of the century (which was over 100 years ago), and not worthless paper which they print and we worship as “money.”

No and yes.
The Bank of England did that, but the system goes back to ancient Babylon.
Yes, they own the Bank of England ans the Fed.

The ■■■ York Times once again openly bragging about how great flooding states with non-White immigrants is for the Democrat Party. Want to know why Virginia went blue? There it is. Now demand deportations.

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Why wouldn’t they be bragging about it? There is no real opposition. No one is stopping them from flooding the country with third worlders.

The only light democrats can see is the light at the tunnel leading them where they want to go.

He ( Soros ) has no honor. He ( as a young man ) helped sell out his own people. He was old enough to know what he was involved in.


“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”

Supposedly, this is a quote from Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild. How accurate this is, I cannot say; but it seems to carry weight.

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And anyone who believes Soros was not mature enough, well: Pony Express Facts. The youngest Pony Express rider on record was 11 years old. His name was Charlie Miller but everyone called him Broncho Charlie . Remembering that the territories west of Missouri were not all states yet, the Pony Express riders crossed what are the present day states of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada to reach California.

So what’s the point to all this? To delegitimize an election, oh the irony.