Cameron 'sought Queen's help' over Scottish independence

Like she’d know what to do. :rofl: She probably said ‘What did you say your name is?’ This country gets more like a bloody madhouse by the day.

Did she get involved when commonwealth countries wanted independence I wonder?

Why is this news now? What else is going on that needs deflecting from?

I’m just a dumb redneck but if I had to guess, I think they are trying to do anything they can to distract people from Brexit and the fact that the government isn’t doing what the people told them to do. If the politicians are paying attention to history, they know what happens when politicians stop doing what the people want them to do. So they need to keep everyone focused on anything and everything but them.

You might be a redneck but you sure ain’t ‘dumb’. You have a better grasp of it than half the population of the UK.