California Police Officer Killed by Illegal Alien Was a Legal Immigrant

Notice how the usual suspects are furiously jerking each other off over the fact the guy killed by the the Sanctuary Shooter was a legal migrant. Kill an American and well, it’s a shame. Kill a sacred immigrant and suddenly it is a national emergency. “We must build the wall to protect the people who already snuck in!”

May as well build a drawbridge.


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What’s wrong with the Democratic Party leaders when they could care less about innocent American citizens getting killed by illegals? Something is not right. That’s their Constitutional obligation is to protect the American citizens and yet they spit in our face. How would they like it if it was one of their children?

You can ask yourself that question day after day and get the same answer from democrats, crickets.

San Francisco could hav cared less about Katie Steinle as long as the illegal was set free.

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Typical lib response is

“Well legal citizens kill people too. The fact that the killer was an illegal is not what killed the cop. Don’t you know the difference between causation and correlation? Dumb con… go back to school.”

Daily reminder: California could not exist without being floated on tax money stolen from other states.

I’m surprised he wasn’t awarded an Academy Award ! :roll_eyes:

You are correct, legal citizens do kill other legal citizens. That being said; we already have enough home grown monsters to sort out; so why import more?

That’s what I tell them .