California In-N-Out Shut Down Permanently for Refusing to Check Customers’ Vaccination Status

California In-N-Out Shut Down Permanently for Refusing to Check Customers’ Vaccination Status


October 27, 2021 Updated: October 27, 2021

An In-N-Out in Contra Costa County, California, has been shut down permanently for refusing to ask patrons for proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test within three days of dining in.

The fast-food branch was told to close indefinitely on Tuesday according to The Hill.

“The Pleasant Hill In-N-Out location received four citations in recent weeks and fines totaling $1,750, all for the same health order violation, before today’s action,” Contra Costa Environmental Health (CCEH) said in a statement.

The location was served with a notice of violation on Oct. 5, and subsequently fined $250 on Oct. 14 and $500 on Oct. 19, a spokesperson for Contra Costa County’s health department told SFGate, adding that the In-N-Out faced “repeated complaints from members of the public.”

Arnie Wensinger, chief legal & business officer for the In-N-Out chain, said that the store “properly and clearly” posted signs that outlined the vaccination requirements for indoor diners, but said that the store refused to act as “the vaccination police for any government.”

“It is unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our restaurant Associates to segregate Customers into those who may be served and those who may not, whether based on the documentation they carry, or any other reason,” added Wensinger.

As of Sept. 22, restaurants, gyms, and some indoor businesses operating in Contra Costa County were required to check vaccine records and the photo ID of customers dining indoors.

“This order is necessary now to save lives, protect our overburdened healthcare system, and slow the pandemic enough to keep our schools open,” said Dr. Chris Farnitano, Contra Costa County Health Officer, in a statement. “Reducing community transmission of the virus now is key to preventing future spikes in cases from overwhelming our county’s hospitals during the winter months.”

The mandate will also require staff in indoor areas of these businesses to show proof of full vaccination or test weekly for COVID-19 starting Nov. 1.

A San Francisco branch of In-N-Out faced temporary closure on Oct. 14 also for refusing to ask customers to show proof of vaccination.

The branch has since reopened but for takeout only.

The Epoch Times has reached out to Contra Costa County’s health department for additional comment.

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I feel bad for the low wage workers , Democrats are going to make everyone homeless


The government in Californicate is out of control.


When race issue push real Americans out of urban areas they go wild

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I went to the city of Boston government web site to see how many government programs we had, it was absolutely crazy… insane it’s cradle to grave welfare programs, employing tens of thousands of unhireable people . With guaranteed pensions, we’re gonna end up just like Chicago Detroit California running out of money… sick

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I lived in the Detroit Metro area for years.
At one time it was a thriving city filled with energy.

Today a shell of what it us to be. It will never recover from from the democrat reign of terror.


Every employee in the city of Boston is guaranteed a pension and they are growing and growing the government there is absolutely no way we are going to be able to pay these people salaries. This is insanity

I know Detroit had the same thing happen to them. Sad


Pensions in Detroit were based on 12 monthly payments.

One union contract boosted it to 13 months per year.

The was so much corruption in the government that it broke the city.

Colorado has a pension system.

You can purchase retirement years, 5K pr yr, 5 year max.
Payouts are based on your highest year salary. 85% of highest year.


We are headed into a deep recession . :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:


Unfortunately the demoRATS have a history of decimating thriving businesses and Cities with greed , corruption , and taxes . Other than braindead @montecresto1 how can these morons continue to support this shit ?
Just think about what has happened in Biden’s 1 plus years in office . We are watched those who are too scared or lazy or plain ass greedy to go to work get unemployment on steroids , several stimulus checks , free housing , extra SNAP and those that never stopped working get FIRED !!!
History better be harsh towards this miserable evil party .