California bans travel to South Carolina over adoption law, making 10 states on no-go list

Commiefornia, a wonderful state that would rather has you go to Yemen and gets shot in the face than corn-fielded Kentucky.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Tuesday extended California’s ban on taxpayer-funded trips to a 10th state, adding South Carolina to a list of mostly southern states where public employees and college students can’t travel for official business.

Becerra’s office contends a South Carolina law allowing private faith-based groups to withhold adoption services over moral objections effectively permits discrimination against gay and transgender people.

That determination allows him to restrict taxpayer-funded travel to the state under a 2016 law that forbids public agencies from paying for business travel in states that have laws that California leaders view as discriminatory against gay and transgender people. The restriction goes into effect April 15.

“The State of South Carolina recently enacted a measure that sanctions discrimination against families in the placement of children in need of homes. The State of California stands strongly against any form of discrimination,” Becerra said in a news release.

Brian Symmes, a spokesman for South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from The Sacramento Bee.

“If Attorney General Becerra was interested in the truth, he would know this is all about protecting South Carolinians’ religious freedom – regardless of their faith,” Symmes told South Carolina newspaper The State. “While he tries to score cheap political points, we’ll be more than happy to continue recruiting businesses that are leaving overregulated, high tax states like California to come to South Carolina and create opportunities for our people.”

The California law, Assembly Bill 1887, was crafted as a response to so-called religious freedom laws. Its supporters say it withholds California taxpayer money from certain states, and keeps public employees out of situations where they might feel uncomfortable. There are exemptions for law enforcement and tax collection.

The law also forbids public colleges from participating in events on the no-travel list, although athletic programs have continued to attend games they’ve scheduled and other post-season events in states subject to the ban.

Other states on the banned travel list include Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Mississippi and Kentucky.

My question is how the hell are they going to fund away games for state colleges that have to play schools in SC such as football? I know is sounds trivial in the grander scheme of things, but when I think about this and see that Xavier Barcerra is behind this story, then it begins to paint a clearer picture what he and other democrats are trying to do. Normalize Gay, LBGTQ to be able to raise children outside the traditional role of parents. This is something I am against, and SC has this right!

Probly will rent stadiums in neighboring states.

That is pretty crazy, and if I were SC I would boycott that option.

If we could just get California to ban travel to 49 states…


Exactly. They want to force us to accept the behavior or suffer a penalty. The TV and movie screen are some of their tools. This prohibition against travel is another.

No matter how much they try, humans will never accept it as normal.

I like the idea of California isolating themselves from other states. I like it a lot. lol


Probably what some conservative Californian taxpayers are thinking.

Have you seen the results of PAC-12 teams lately? Cancelling games with the SEC would reduce the losses.

Of course, but the purpose was to play the best conference in college football so it pretty much assures any PAC-12 team will never win a National Championship that is until Democrats decide to cry about that too and try to change the rules again!

But that is besides the point, the point is all about traditional parenting and SC’s law.

The whole entire gay and LBGTQ narrative is so over represented in today’s Hollywood that you can’t watch a movie without some sort of character being gay. Its totally blatant in what their agenda is as they are always trying to cram it down our throats to condition us to accepting their lifestyle as normal. Also no matter what they do, it will never get rid of the traditional role of heterosexual couples of being parents. The more that children are raised by this group, the more our society becomes more degenerate of its traditional values, and for that reason alone is why I am against it. Screw California, and I hope SC in some way fights back!

Will California PLEASE announce that they’ll disallow tax breaks to people leaving for Texas and buying a new home here?


I dimly remember something from around 2016-ish that said that something like 17% of characters were gay etc. I’m sure it’s up since then.

Except it isn’t normal and never will be.

Why? I hope they send a thank you note.

“The Big One” is long overdue. Drop LA and SF off into the ocean or just shift them far enough off shore to separate them from the rest of the state and it would be a decent place again.

The following states are currently subject to California’s ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel:

North Carolina
South Dakota

…and now South Carolina

Please add Georgia next.

California is a shithole!

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Cut off all federal dollars to California since they are violating our civil rights and using our tax dollars to do it.

Or 56 states, according to Obama.

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Good point! I was mostly referring to the fact what “Supperhey” was suggesting earlier that their football games be moved to another state. I would say hell no with that! I don’t think SC and their state school should oblige to appease what is clearly Xavier Baccerra’s attempt to subvert another State’s own laws. He is overreaching here!

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