But there is no election fraud

Three new cases of election fraud

Election fraud is making headlines in three Democratic states – Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. In Connecticut, the situation took a dramatic turn as allegations of fraud led Bridgeport Superior Court Judge William Clark to overturn the results of a Democratic mayoral primary after a video surfaced online, seemingly showing a supporter of incumbent Democrat mayor Joe Ganim, stuffing stacks of papers into a ballot drop box.

In Massachusetts, a Democratic mayoral candidate is facing accusations of bribing voters. Springfield officials claim they witnessed voters being brought to City Hall for early voting, with some expecting cash in return for voting for Democrat candidate Justin Hurst.

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin’s office announced state election fraud charges related to mail-in ballots and voter registrations in the 2020 and 2021 elections. Paterson City Council President Alex Mendez (D) faces additional charges in a 2020 election fraud case. Allegations suggest that Mendez’s campaign collected unsealed ballots, inspected them to determine if they were cast for him, and replaced those that weren’t. These replacement ballots allegedly came from voters’ mailboxes, painting a concerning picture of voter manipulation.

We all know this has happened and because 97% the media is owned by liberal democrats people believe Biden won hell half of the GOP claim the elections were fair and honest .

Did you know that a Big Mac is almost $20.00 now?

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I hope it goes to $75


The point is, you get a $20.00 Hamburger when you raise the minimum wage to &20.00. No way 81 million voters voted for that!

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You vastly underestimate the stupidity of the democratic voter .

A new report published late Monday by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan shows the partnership between the federal government, big tech and academia to censor conservatives was even more widespread than previously known.
“Following the 2016 presidential election, a sensationalized narrative emerged that foreign ‘disinformation’ affected the integrity of the election. These claims, fueled by left-wing election denialism about the legitimacy of President Trump’s victory, sparked a new focus on the role of social media platforms in spreading such information,” the report, put together by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, states. “‘Disinformation’ think tanks and ‘experts,’ government task forces, and university centers were formed, all to study and combat the alleged rise in alleged mis- and disinformation. As the House Committee on the Judiciary and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government have shown previously, these efforts to combat so-called foreign influence and misinformation quickly mutated to include domestic—that is, American—speech.”
“Enter the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), a consortium of “disinformation” academics led by Stanford University’s Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) that worked directly with the Department of Homeland Security and the Global Engagement Center, a multi-agency entity housed within the State Department, to monitor and censor Americans’ online speech in advance of the 2020 presidential election. Created in the summer of 2020 ‘at the request’ of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the EIP provided a way for the federal government to launder its censorship activities in hopes of bypassing both the First Amendment and public scrutiny,” the report continues.

Well… my point was not to emphasize that 81 million voters was actually real.

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Democrat Andy Beshear wins governor race in deep-red Kentucky, a major blow to Republican hopes ahead of 2024.

You vastly underestimate the stupidity of the democratic voter .

Yeah, I am not sure what to make of this one, but he was there before. Sooner or later it will implode on itself once the people remove the curtain and discover the man pulling the levers. Figuratively speaking of course!


New Freddy’s in town. On and last visit. 2 burgers fries and 1 small drink, 18 bucks.

Bidenomics at work.

The American people who chose Biden over Rump.

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I understand the point BUT Biden remains president . And while the GOP is playing so nice with the dems more and more red States are turning BLUE !
Never underestimate the stupidity of our voters or the power of the illegal votes !


Perhaps it’s about messaging. Biden retains over 40% of the vote even being corrupt, destroying the nation with illegals and of course, bidenomics. And their dislike of Trump. People still support him. As my liberal brother in law says there’s bad and worse. Maybe if we get another 20% inflation another 10 million illegals he will figure out what is worse.

The message is FREE, FREE ,FREE and ilegals hear it loud and clear !
GOP never learns topics to steer clear of that turn off voters SS , medicare , abortion . We all know trump has done more to flip republicans than any other issue .

Yet he has support. How disgusting.

Those polls are all bullshit , don’t you think the dems want trump to be the front runner ? The media controlled by liberals will continually have trump way ahead in the polls because he will get crushed in the election !!!
trump has to be in the top 20 most hated men alive today .

Maybe… maybe not. I don’t hate him… neither do 1000’s of other people. I know you and LouMan do. I understand why you do.

I just don’t care what Trump says or what comes out of his mouth. I accept that as part of being Trump. I know he’s an arrogant, crass individual. I just don’t care. I can look past his less than perfect qualities/personality because I think he did a very good job as POTUS… despite the 24/7 bullshit storms he had to navigate for 4 years… and still has to.

I know my life was 10 fold better under him than Biden and the band of idiots running things now, as was the countrty, businesses and the world as a whole.

Do I want him as POTUS again? Probably not, but if it comes down to Trump or any Dem other than Kennedy… Trump gets my vote.

I don’t hate trump and would vote for him if it came between trump and biden or any demoRAT . I’m just upset he has to be so nasty and has the need to claim every good thing that happens was because of him !
Also trump single handedly turned half the GOP against him and created the BLUE WAVE .
Look at his adminisration they turned on him too .

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Wrong as always, your ASSumption.

I dislike his big mouth that we all see on display as his trial shows clearly, But that’s the intent of the democon party to show who Trump really is.

And it doesn’t matter who I vote for as Wyoming will go with any dead or alive Republican over Biden.