Brownells Launches BRN-134D Semi-Auto Minigun

GRINNELL, Iowa-( Brownells is excited to announce a new addition to its ever-expanding clone firearm lineup – the BRN-134D semi-auto minigun. The BRN-134D is available now at for just $125,000.

The six-barreled, belt-fed beast is backward-compatible with the Dillon Aero M-134D minigun and operates on the same electrically-driven motor and breech system. Fed via disintegrating links and the included feed chute, the system includes a canister that houses 3,000 rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition.

“In recent years, Brownells has made a name for itself bringing high-quality clone firearms to the market,” said Paul Levy, Brownells Director of Product Management. “We saw a hole in the market for a civilian-legal minigun. The BRN-134D is the culmination of years of development and we’re excited to offer it beginning today.”

Also included is a mounting pedestal that allows the shooter maximum comfort when firing from a truck bed, front porch or helicopter. Shoulder firing the BRN-134D is not recommended.

The full package includes:

  • BRN-134 Minigun
  • Feeder & Delinker
  • Ammunition Feed Chute
  • Link Ejection Chute
  • Pedestal Mount
  • 3,000 Round Canister with motor
  • Six chamber flags

The BRN-134D minigun can be viewed and purchased at

Mini gun and semi auto don’t belong in the same sentence. Sorry. It’s just not right.

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Too bad the price is so high. Every home should have a minigun mounted to the roof.

I guess anyone dumb enough to spend 125k on one of these deserves it.

Somehow I suspect the anti gun left is going to go into complete meltdown over this and it won’t be on the market legally for long and those that do get sold will be confiscated.

I know I certainly wouldn’t want the kind of scrutiny from the ATF and FBI purchasing one of these is going to engender.