British-Flagged Oil Tanker Seized by Iran! HAPPENING!

Things are getting interesting in the Persian Gulf folks.

Iranians say the oil tanker, for reasons unknown, veered off course into Iranians waters…

Transponder readings seem to back it up too.

I didn’t think think the Iranians would have the balls, but the Persian spirit is not for being dominated.

PM May’s robot moves won’t be enough to walk this one back without backing down I think.

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I could be wrong but I’m thinking this probably won’t work out as well for the Iranians as they are hoping it will.

More silly shit.

Why is Trump saying that the US will talk to the UK about this? The UK has the Royal Navy and a competent military. This is their ship and this is their fight if they want to have it. The US does not need to get involved with this bullshit.


Perhaps you should read the NATO charter and a little of the history of the US/UK relationship.

Neither of us wants to do anything to complicate matters for the other and both want to keep this from blowing up into a full grown shooting war while still preserving the free flow of commerce to and from the gulf since the economies of both nations as well as that of all industrialized nations are heavily dependent upon that flow.

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The United Kingdom seized Iran’s tanker, Iran seized United Kingdom’s tanker. Wars are easy to start and hard to finish.

This might be a bit more complicated because it is technically a Swedish owned ship operating under British flag.

The difference is that the UK had every right to seize the Iranian tanker under international law.

The seizure of the British ship is a naked act of aggression.

Yeah…you’re going to need to back that statement up with some fact.

Iran does NOT have any ban on shipping stuff to Syria. Iran is a sovereign country.

Here is the deal:

The US, UK, EU does NOT and can NOT stop Iranian or Syrian shipping whatsoever. Iran is under no obligation to stop their shipping, nor should they if it is in their best interest as a sovereign country.

If the West stops even a single Iranian ship, then expect ALL Western ships to be stopped by Iran. It’s not a difficult concept.

Now, prove that the UK had every right to seize that Iranian ship.

I don’t want your opinion I want actual facts.

We are fucked mate.

What was once the largest Navy on the planet currently consists of, six guided missile destroyers, thirteen frigates and one aircraft carrier ( with no planes )

We can’t defend our own shores, nevermind our merchant fleet.

We are a sorry state and America should invade us and end this misery.

They seized a second tanker about 40 minutes after the first one. They now hijacked 2 tankers.

This is what happens when Europe became dependent on United States to defend their interest.

Maybe UK can enlist those French, Italians to name a few to send their powerful navies to help UK out.

America can observe how Europe kick some Iranian butt.

If the Europeans have to handle this on their own they will probably just apologize and send them a brand new oil tanker to make up for the inconvenience.

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Thank you sir may you have another. :wink:

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I’d call it an act of piracy.

You might try getting a basic understanding of the subject matter before diving in and finding out the pool is empty.

Well since it was done by the Iranian Navy it’s more like an open act of war.

Had they used privateers then we could just call it piracy.

I am intimately familiar with the issues of the region. I am originally from Cyprus and have family throughout the area, including my two brothers who are still living in Cyprus. Don’t lecture me on the conditions in the region.

The article that you posted referenced EU sanctions. Is Iran or Syria a part of the EU? Essentially, the article that you provided is a total joke.

You know as well as I do that they are not and that Iran is under no obligation to stop shipping to Syria or any of their other allies in the region. If you understood geography you would see how there is a natural trading relationship between Iran and Syria.

So if that is the only proof that you have your proof is a joke.

There has been a ban on all oil shipments to Syria since 2011, GB is now enforcing that ban with military muscle.

Feel free to file your complaint at the UN.

By whom? Is there a country that Iran takes their direction and orders from? How about Syria? Is Syria not allowed to purchase oil on the open market? How is that consistent with free market principles?

And Iran is seizing their ships without any resistance…