British Approval of Homosexuality Dips, Even as Religious Affiliation Declines

I’m pretty sure the key is this bit:

“The research showed that 73% of respondents not affiliated with a religion believe that same-sex couples should be able to have a civil partnership, as compared to 67% of Anglicans, 59% of Catholics, 58% of “other Christians,” and 34% of people of other faiths.”

Hmmm, other faiths… I wonder who they would be and what they believe. They are also the most rapidly growing part of the population.


So it is all true…Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelations. Everything they said that would happen has happened. Please forgive my arrogance.


Until 100% of good Britons oppose homosexuality, it’s a bad thing for the UK. The queer needs to be shoved back in the closet, and the door barred. No ifs, ands, or buts. Hetero is natural, and thus what is good…


I guarantee you that all of that dip is down to two things - Transbullshit and what I can only describe as flaming public degeneracy.

The trans stuff people are seriously unhappy about but the shaming that’s come with it has meant people have mostly kept their mouths shut. But you’re coming for people’s fucking children. Of course they are unhappy.

The second part is, well, the dude strutting naked down the street literally covered in dildos, and this being presented as just perfectly fine and normal. This is not normal. And you know what, I will even defend the old leather daddies at pride, because at least they wore some clothes. But you can’t just keep hurling buttsex at the masses in a way that no heterosexual could and expect people to be ok with that.

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More muslims is one reason, too much propaganda is also a big reason, and also inappropriateness, both public indecency at pride, indoctrination at schools and the fact they seem the start of a slippery slope to complete insanity regarding gender, identity politics and all out insurgent treachery and civil war…


I am very accepting of homosexuals and I would intervene if I saw a homosexual being beaten in a homophobic attack however keep what you doing in the bedrooms to yourselves and you will be far less likely to be attacked once homosexual lobbying groups come into the schools like they are doing now in the UK all of a sudden I become less accepting of homosexuality and it’s sinful lifestyle

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The least tolerant parts of the UK are also the parts with the least ethnic British people in them the most tolerant part of the UK is rural Wales because most people thier are Welsh both ethnically and culturally

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