BREXIT is Already Helping The UK Economy

Psychological projection is asymptomatic of lack of critical thinking. Hope this is helpful.

You must be speaking about yourself, clearly from your posts is evidence enough you lack any will to be original!

Leftist liberalism & hypocrisy is global and hypocritical leftist libs only accept a majority “vote” if goes their way. :woman_shrugging: :roll_eyes:

Clearly still only able to project…it’s understandable, really it is.

Sorry, but your lame attempt at levity doesn’t work with me! You are going to have to try harder little fella! I know its hard for mentally challenged people like you but if you persevere enough you might just get there yet!

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It easy to trigger weak with truth. Researching denial maybe assistive.

In a nutshell - a few days ago Farage offered to collaborate with a BoJo campaign but BoJo rejected the offer. Unfortunately!

Really? Why? I’ve heard conflicting analysis about Farage and the BREXIT party and speculation about their true motives.

I’ll get back to you when I’ve caught up with my notifications . . .

The UK Establishment elitists are terrified of the Brexit Party coming to power because they’ll all lose their sinecures and perks; therefore, to ensure the BP doesn’t come to power they demonize Farage. They did it with UKIP, and they’ll do it with the BP. I heard the BBC’s Question Time a couple of days ago and was so depressed that seemingly the entire audience applauded the views of the anti-Brexit traitors on the panel. I despair for my country.

Not ‘global’ - liberal extremism is a phenomenon of the West.