BREXIT is Already Helping The UK Economy

So glad to hear the Polish are doing well. Now, how about you Brits?

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Low brow “strawman”, can’t counter the commentary, then mischaracterized, misinterpret and distort the original post. Typical Russian active measures…

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Why are you against the government carrying out the will of the people? There was a vote. That’s that. Deal with it.

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The only Russian thing we need protection from is their cuisine. You want to cancel democracy to save democracy. Real sophisticated stuff opinionoid.


You would prefer to be ruled over by unelected EU bureaucrats? Weird.


Another strawman attempt to intentionally mischaracterizing what I posted originally…if all that is left is desperately trying to distort my original post and reframe it, then I understand that need and why a rabbit hole is the only option.

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Nah, just not manipulated by Russian active measures and disinformation.

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That is great news. All of the doom and gloom isn’t coming to pass.

I wonder, does this factor into Germany’s current slump?

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After a very short period of disruption engineered by the embittered EU bureaucrats (Juncker and Tusk), it will all settle down to the status quo ante when Euro manufacturers with falling orders - especially cars - to the UK will start putting serious pressure on them to get it all back to normal ASAP.

Nigel Farage would have had us out within a fortnight of invoking Article 50.

That is twice now you used the word “Strawman” which means you don’t have a more intelligent response nor can adequately defend your argument! Typical liberal! Why don’t you just phone it in next time, it would have the same effect!

Just out of curiosity, where is Farage and the BREXIT party aligned in terms of Bojo’s strategy?

This one is very reminiscent of a troll from Freebird. I predict a very colorful avatar in the future.

Huh? What are you talking about?

opinionoid, not you…

Oh sorry. Misread your post! My bad!

Psychological projection is asymptomatic of lack of critical thinking. Hope this is helpful.

You must be speaking about yourself, clearly from your posts is evidence enough you lack any will to be original!

Leftist liberalism & hypocrisy is global and hypocritical leftist libs only accept a majority “vote” if goes their way. :woman_shrugging: :roll_eyes:

Clearly still only able to project…it’s understandable, really it is.