Breaking β€” Twitter bans 7000+ QANON accounts in sweeping crackdown

The first thought that should come to your mind when reading this story, is the Truth is making some very uncomfortable, so much so that they have to censor it.

This is their official statement on the recent ban of these accounts.

Pathetic! Deep State at work here folks, nothing to see. (Sarcasm)

Instead of cracking down on their flawed security implementation, they do this. Really goes to show how utterly clueless they are. Priority .

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These social media sites are liberal leaning and censor real thoughts . DemonRATS have labeled everything not on their agenda as " HATE SPEECH " !!! If demonrats gain control the house and Senate say goodbye the our Constitution . Can you imagine the SCOTUS in 2 years ? Does the 9th circuit ring a bell ???

There is a new alternative out there called Parler.

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I have it on good authority to share that something is going down soon which is why they are making such a move now!

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On Gab I saw a note from GAB itself, that Parler had donated 300,000 + $ to Hillary. in the 2015-2016 That might have been under the assumption Hillary would win in 2016.7

If a civil war occurs, can I do the soundtrack?